Rider jacket

Yossi designed rider jacket on Gentei Collabonaze 090224 (will continue 090303)

Looks familiar?

090125 Motorboat race

090127 SOFFet's blog

090225 Wao~n

Damn, She's so cool <3


Tsuji's blog 09/02/18

Q: Which celebrites are you friends with

Since getting married, I haven't really been able to meet many

Probably misono and other Hello Project members

Like Ishikawa Rika-chan, Yossie, Fujimoto Mikitty, and Ogawa Makoto-chan

We see each other a lot in private

It's fun hanging out with them

I love them

This just makes me even happier <3

Translation credits: H!O


Footloose musical

Yossi will be starring a musical Footloose in November-December.

The pic isn't great but Her name is there xD

Yossi + rock = definitely awesome


YAM love

OMG so cute and funny <3
I love these three so much T_____T
And I miss them together...

It's must be just me but Rika looks a little bit isolated xD



Yossi in Florida O_O

When did Yossi go to Florida? O_O
Why I can't remember any TV show or other thing that would have been in Florida?

When I was thinking about this, I remembered something. Wasn't Maki in Florida?
I might remember completely wrong but for some reason Maki and Florida sounds familiar.
Also Maki sent flower to Yossi's STB:

And someone at 2ch (Namie thread) mentioned that Maki and Yossi were in Namie Amuro's concert (?)

(I can be totally wrong, but I want to believe in all this <3)

I'm pretty sure they still are friends <3
I would looooooooooove to have Maki in Wao~n ^_^

Yomaki <3

Ame-dizon vs Ame-dizon

I don't useally care about these ratings but anyway:

02/11(水) *4.2% 18:30~19:00 テレビ東京「地球調査船アメディゾン」
02/11 *4.2% 18:30-19:00 TV Tokyo "Ame-dizon" (Yoshizawa, Momoko)

02/18(水) *3.2% 18:30~19:00 テレビ東京「地球調査船アメディゾン」
02/18 *3.2% 18:30-19:00 TV Tokyo "Ame-dizon" (Kamei, Michishige, Niigaki)

I'm not saying anything xD

02/17(火) *4.1% 18:30~19:00 テレビ東京「タカトシの空飛ぶチェリーパイ」
02/17 *4.1% 18:30-19:00 TV Tokyo "Cherrypie" (Yoshizawa)


Appearances VI

09/02/17 Kuuhibu Cherry Pie TV Tokyo 18:30-19:00
09/02/21 Yoshimoto Monomane GP Mainichi Broadcasting System 15:24-17:00
09/02/24 Gentei Collabonaze II Fuji TV 25:38-26:08
09/03/01 Oi, Nippon Watashi no Sukina Tokyo BS2 11:00-11:53/13:00-18:00
09/03/03 Doremifa don Fuji TV 19:00-20:00
09/03/03 Gentei Collabonaze II Fuji TV 25:38-26:08
09/04/11 Trim Cup 2009 Kochi Broadcasting 14:30-15:55

09/02/24 Collabo preview

Damn that's lot of piercings O__O
Although I think that at least three of them aren't real xD
Yossi will design a jacket??? Jacket that can be wore by women and men???
If that's true (and that's what the show is about) I'm so freaking excited!!! *faints*


Red electric guitar

This is Yossi's guitar which She played on CDS and STB.
And there's also Her hat xD

Okay... If you can take picture from guitar, why don't you take picture also from Yossi...
Or are cameras allowed when Yossi's not on the stage, 'cos few times I have seen pics from the food that is served?

Also Yossi added "Sono Deai no Tame ni" to the encore on today's STB (090216) <3

And I have to say I sooooo love the fanrec!!! Everything sounds amazing <3
Why there can't be a DVD T____T


Happy Valentine's Day

09/02/14 Soreike Mimizo (Live Radio Broadcast)
Pic from Yamamoto Takahiro's blog

Fanpics from the same event


090208 Dinner Show

Roman ~My Dear Boy~
Kanashimi Twilight
Never Forget(red electric guitar)
Yoshite Yoshite
Tsuyoki de Yukouze!
Aisha Loan de
Nanni mo Iwazu ni I LOVE YOU

Love & Peace! Hero ga Yattekita


Roman ~My Dear Boy~, Shabondama, Kanashimi Twilight
- Yossi + these = WIN
Never Forget with guitar
- *dies*
Nanni mo Iwazu ni I LOVE YOU
- OMG!!! I loooooove this song!!! And to have only Her singing it makes it even better <3
- Me likes.

Now I just need a fanrec.



Apparently Yossi gave a ring to Makoto <3
And if this is the ring it's pretty expensive one.

I have never be a real Yomako fan (altough I like all Yossi pairings), but damn Makoto's love for Yossi is really cute and innocence xD
I have been liking them more and more on these days <3


Bvlgari Pour Femme

It smells so good*_____*
So sweet and girlish xD
I'm sure it smells even better on Her xDDD


090125 Motorboat race ~Live&Talk~

Finally some pics from this live&talk thing!!!
Aaaaah, why are you so cool :drool: