Vancouver Marathon

So the flight to Vancouver left Japan today~
Not sure if Yossi took that flight too, though.

Tomorrow will be a free day and the race is on 2nd May.
Also Joglis radio show will be recorded on the same day.

May 3rd: some sightseeing.
Leaving Canada on 4th and the flight will be back in Japan on 5th May.

Hopefully there will be news about this~

Anyone else hopes for a TV show? xD


Ongaku Gatas

Okay, I haven't write about this before since I didn't want to believe it/haven't really understand what Yossi wrote... And also bacause I have been waiting for some "official" information...

But anyway. Now I read that Ongaku Gatas section on the M-Line fan-club page has been removed... So does this mean that Ongaku Gatas is over?

Well, a month ago Yossi wrote an entry in Ongaku Gatas "blog" (or what ever you want to call it).
First She wrote that She's gonna visit Mai and take some beer/alcohol with Her xD

But then She wrote:
I can see words "Ongaku Gatas" "M-line" and "graduation"...

That it... That's all I have to say...


10/04/25 Special Solo Live

10/04/25 Special Live tour ~1985-2010=☆25☆~
Setlist was the same as in the Birthday Live, but "Nanni mo Iwazu ni I Love You" was moved to encore and "Sono Deai No Tame Ni" was replased with "I Wish" (which, by the way, sounded so good T__T). Apparently She sang only Nanni mo... in encore on 17th and 18th shows.
The audience sounded awesome as they sang with Yossi <3

Yossi also mentioned Miki in one of the MCs <3

(putting this here if someone wants to translate it xD)


10/04/27 Akuseru Billy + JOGLIS+

Akuseru Billy
OMG, this show looks so goooooood.

Yossi and the Egg


Akuseru Billy preview

Yossi's picking a girlfriend? xD

I know it not that xD
Looks like they have to guess who's a girl and who's not.
Looks good xD


10/04/24 Nippon Zenkoku Haiku Hyori



And by the way, the pink "watch" is not a watch xD
It's Power Balance (what ever it is xD)


10/04/20 Fun Ride

Enjoy Dancing #2
She's so cool and awesome T________T

Credit to meggy @HH

Young Town recording

From Sayumi's blog
Kyaaaaaa <3


10/04/21 Digista Teens #4 + Gatas



Gatas' practise today with Yossi, Miki, Korenaga and some kids (from Cute's blog)
Nooooooooo! I don't like Yossi's pink watch (She wore it in Ikisugi too) xD
I want the Mickey one back xD


Yossi's gonna be in next Diver magazine~ \o/
So Her trip to Okinawa in last month was because of this?


10/04/18 Ikisugi!

Yossi didn't get to talk much...
But She looked absolutely beautiful <3
And there were more screen time for Yossi than for the other lady xD

10/04/18 Solo Live

Fanpic from today's (or yesterday's) Solo Live tour ~1985-2010=☆25☆~



Yossi on the way back home (most likely) after Her Dinner shows today
100417_kobe.jpg (104 KB)
Damn, She's cool <3
I just wish the pic was better quality.


10/04/16 Momoiro Shoten

Today Yossi was guest in Makoto's stage play, Momoiro Shoten.
She appeared in the talk show after the play.
Makoto posted a pic in her blog

More pics from another blog
Makoto, you're so damn lucky~!!!!!

10/04/16 Kinyou Variety

Pretty <3


Additional goods

Additional goods for Yossi's solo lives at the weekend

She wore that jacket and Union Jack shirt (okay it either long shirt or really short dress *drool*) in Her BD live~
I definitely want more pics of Her in those clothes!!!! Live pics, please~


10/04/13 JOGLIS+ + Digista Teens #3

Celebrating birthday after radio recording


10/04/14 Digista Teens


10/04/13 Kekkon Soudanjo + TV update

10/04/13 Kekkon Soudanjo


10/04/16 Kinyou Variety NHK 12:20-12:45
10/04/18 Ikisugi! TV Asahi 23:00-23:55
10/04/24 Nippon Zenkoku Tanka - Haiku Hyori NHK BS2 12:10-16:30
10/04/27 Akuseru Billy Nagoya TV 24:20-25:20
10/05/21 Hagane no Onna TV Asahi 23:15-24:15

Every Wednesday: Digista Teens NHK education 18:55-19:20

Kinyou Variety: "Young artist SP", Yossi's gonna be a MC.

Nagane no Onna: Yossi will be a guest in the first episode of this drama. She will play someone's mom <3

Schoooool uniform!!!!!!!

I'm totally not sure about this but there has been some talking about Yossi being a regular guest in Tobidase! Kagaku-kun on Saturdays.
If it is so, then hell YES!!!!!!


10/04/12 Special Solo Live ~25th no "Arigatou"~

01. Mr. Moonlight
02. MC
03. Akai Nikkichou
04. Happy Summer Wedding
05. Datte Noni Yatteraren
06. MC
07. Love Century
08. Megami ~Mousse na Yasashisa~
09. Hare Ame Nochi Suki
10. MC
11. Osaka Koi no Uta
12. Do it! Now
13. Aruiteru
14. MC (Pucchimobic)
15. Medley
- Baby! Koi ni KNOCK OUT!
- Suki de x5
- Seishun Jidai
- Baby! Koi ni KNOCK OUT
16. Kanashimi Twilight
17. Roman ~My Dear Boy~
18. MC
19. Nanni mo Iwatsu ni I LOVE YOU

20. Sono Deai No Tame Ni

Rika appeared in the encore with cake.
Ayaka wished a happy birthday to Yossi in her blog

My thoughts:
- Megami ~Mousse na Yasashisa~, Hare Ame Nochi Suki, Osaka Koi no Uta: I have waiting Yossi to perform these songs :wub:
- Pucchimobic XD :rock: Too bad we will never see this....
- Medley sound like it was awesome, again.
- Want fanrec.
- Sorry, but I don't want Rika in my Yossi SOLO... Thank god, she didn't perform.

Emi Kuriyama, Yossi's "mom", (from Tokyo Alice) was also watching the Live.
Also Yossi's co-workers from Tokyo FM was there:

Not sure about this but Yossi cried during encore??
From Japanese fan's blog:
Aaaaaand liLcazza translated the blog posts in HH *heart*
Emi's post is SO SO SO SO SWEET!!!!!! So cute that I wanna cry T____T


Happy Birthday to my favorite celebrity in the world!!!!
I love love love you forever!!!!!

(damn, I have long day at work today.... Can't wait to see what She will perform today...)


Japan Festa in BANGKOK 2010

This year you can vote between Yossi, Yuko and Rika.

Last year Miki won, although Yossi had pretty good lead about a day before the voting ended. (I still think that that Miki was already decided to go before the voting started...)

Vote here:

You can only vote once per voting code????
Google is not a good translator so need better translation xD

* Vote Code สามารถใช้ลงคะแนนให้ศิลปินญี่ปุ่นเพียง 1 คะแนน Vote เท่านนั้น
* การลงคะแนนให้กับศิลปินญี่ปุ่นจะปิดระบบในวันที่ 15 พฤษภาคม 2553
* ผลการการลงคะแนนจะเป็นข้อมูลสนับสนุนการตัดสินใจในการนำศิลปินญี่ปุ่นมาร่วมงาน และทางผู้จัดงานของสงวนสิทธิในการตัดสินใจถือเป็นที่สิ้นสุด

Let's vote YOSSI!!!!


Birthday Live Goods

Yossi's Birthday Live goods:

Please keep your fingers away from power point, Yossi... ^^;

The towel looks nice~
So is the T-shirt.

But no pants...? Aaah, I'm a little bit disapointed...


Tobidase filming

I see familiar overalls...


Smile <3

Most likely they were in Harajuku not so many days ago (Maybe yesterday?? Today???)

Tooooooooobidase!!!!!!! *dances*


Happy (early) Birthday

From Gatas' practice today

<3 <3 <3

10/04/07 Digista Teens #2

I LOVE that skirt!!!!


I have a BED!!!!!! xD
Yes, I'm happy about it xD
Three nights on mattress was enough xD
Now I still have to wait my sofa, desk and chair to arrive...


10/04/06 JOGLIS+

Cutecutecuteprettypretty <3

Top Secret / HANGRY & ANGRY
Something In Your Mouth / Nickelback

Ready Steady Go (Vocals Asher D) / Paul Oakenfold
Porker Face (LLG vs. GLG Radio Mix) / Lady Gaga
Dreams feat. Stevie Nicks / Deep Dish

beat / aiko
Keep On Rising feat. Allan Vecenfeldt / Bent Fabric

This Love (Kanye West Remix) / Maroon 5

The Shape Of Love feat. TeN / Anan Ryoko


OG member ranking

"Former MM member that I want to come back" ranking

01. Abe Natsumi
02. Yaguchi Mari
03. Goto Maki
04. Yoshizawa Hitomi
05. Ishikawa Rika
06. Nakazawa Yuko
07. Tsuji Nozomi
08. Fujimoto Miki
09. Fukuda Asuka
10. Kago Ai
11. Ishii Sayaka
12. Iida Kaori
13. Ishiguro Aya
14. Yasuda Kei
15. Konno Asami
16. Koharu Kusumi
17. Ogawa Makoto

Not a surprise that Abe, Yaguchi and Maki ranked so high. But I'm happy to see Yossi at 4th place <3 She's above many member I always thought were more popular than Her (Rika, Kago, Tsuji, Miki for example).
I don't really understand "come back" part, though xD
If it's means releasing music, then yes, I DO understand it.
But Yaguchi hasn't disapeared anywhere. She's on the TV almost every day. So is Yossi (not as much, but almost every week). Tsuji works also all the time, and Miki has always something to do.

But anyway. I took this as a message that people want to see more Yossi~

Okay okay, now when I think about this, I think this ranking was "who you want back to Morning Musume" xD
Whaevaaaaaaaaaaa. Yossi got number 4 <3


10/04/04 Last Melon Greeting

Abe posted a pic on her blog before the show started

Melon Kinenbi --> Melon Kinenbi + Matsuura --> Melong Kinenbi + Maeda --> Melon Kinenbi + Yoshizawa, Ishikawa --> Melon Kinenbi + Yaguchi, Yasuda --> Melon Kinenbi + Abe --> Melon Kinenbi + Iida --> Melon Kinenbi --> Encore (All)

Setlist (Yossi’s part)
Champagne no Koi (Rika’s choice)
Akai Freesia (Yossi’s choice)
Yossi’s Birthday Live promo
Rika’s stage play promo
Yossi and Rika leave the stage

All the segments was like that: MC, guest's music choice, promoting something (except Aya and Iida) and leaving.

Encore (All)
Never Forget
All for One & One for All (?)
Onegai Miwaku no Target

Yossi's outfit
Green T-shirt.
On the back She had "吉" and heart.
(Not 100% sure about this: First horisontal line was blue, lower line was yellow. Vertical line was red and "口" was also red. The heart was white.)
And white jeans.


10/04/03 Allstars Thanksgiving Festival

Leather looks always gooooooood on Her~

Looks like She took part to running again
100403_thanksgiving_gif.gif (2.8 MB)