Hello! Project concert winter '09

MC (Makoto & Yaguchi Mari)
01. Ame no Furanai... (Wonderful -> All)
02. Manopiano (Mano Erina)
03. Minna no Tamago! (Shugo Chara Egg)
04. Come Together (Ongaku Gatas)
MC - Makoto, Yaguchi, Yoshizawa, Satoda, Konno, Ishikawa,
05. Kenchana ~daijoubu~ (Maeda Yuki)
06. Uwaki na Honey Pie (Satoda with Korenaga, Noto, Sengoku and Sawada)
07. Kuyashi Namida Porori (Nakazawa Yuko)
08. Hapi☆Hapi Sunday (Koharu with Kitahara and Kikkawa)
09. This is Unmei (Melon Kinenbi)
MC - Morning Musume
10. FOREVER LOVE (℃-ute)
11. Dakishimete Dakishimete (Berryz Koubou)
12. Tanpopo (Iida & Yaguchi -> Iida, Yaguchi, Konno, Ishikawa, Shibata, Niigaki)
13. BABY Koi ni KNOCK OUT! (Yoshizawa, Yasuda & Ogawa)
MC - Makoto & Yaguchi Mari
14. Chocolate Tamashii (Matsuura Aya)
MC - Matsuura Aya
15. Yeah! Meccha Holiday (Matsuura Aya)
16. Egao ni Namida ~THANK YOU! MY DEAR FRIENDS~ (Ayaya w/ Melon, OnGatas Egg, Berryz, C-ute, Eggs)
MC -Shimizu, Kumai, Sugaya
17. Hare Ame Nochi Suki (MM Sakura gumi)
18. Ai no Sono ~Touch My Heart~ (MM Otoma gumi)
19. co・no・mi・chi (Buono!)
MC - Makoto & Yaguchi
20. Debut! Koisuru Kadoniwa Fukukitaru (IceCream Musume)
MC - IceCream Musume - Lin Lin
21. Hitoshirezu Mune wo Kanaderu Yoru no Aki (Puripuri Pink)
22. Magic of Love (Maeda, Inaba)
23. Screen (Abe Natsumi)
MC - Nozomi and Natsumi
24. Suki na Senpai (Konno, Ogawa, Niigaki, Takahashi)
25. Romantic Ukare Mode (Fujimoto Miki)
23. Kacchoiize! Japan (v-u-den)
27. Naichau Kamo (Morning Musume)
28. Resonant Blue (Morning Musume)
29. Namida no Iro (℃-ute)
30. MADAYADE - Berryz Koubou
MC - Nakazawa, Abe, Iida
31. Morning Coffe (Nakazawa, Abe, Iida
32. Koko ni Iruzee (MM OG + 5th gen)
33 Love Machine (MM OG + MM)
34.Michi Naru Mirai e (All)
MC (All)

....I'm not impressed... But I hardly ever really like these H!P joined concerts because there's so many members I don't like or I don't care about...
Why oh why they had to add MM to sing with MM OG. This is OG's graduation concerts so I would have hoped them to get their own song...
And why only 5gen got to sing together? Why not 4th gen? Or 2nd? Good the first gen got their own song, though.


Yaguchi's blog

The pic is from Yaguchi's blog.
Oh god, Samura Gumi? *_____*
I'm so happy if they will perform together again.
I love both, Hare Ame Nochi Suki and Sakuramankai, songs <3
Since Abe is there too will they sing Hare Ame...

Altough I'm happy, I kinda know I will be disappointed after all...
Why? One word: Takahashi -__-
I'm sure she's the one who's singing the most, again...

I want Yossi, dammit!!!! And Mari!!! And Abe (who will be the other main vocalist for sure, but still)!!


That hair........

Yes, I don't like it. It looks like it could fall off anytime, that it's not even Her own hair...
BUT, again, it's different, something you wouldn't expect. As opposed to the 98% of H!P member whose hair is almost every single time the same, which is boooooooooooring.
And if they change their hairstyles they are stuck with it the next few years, even if the hair looks bad.


SOFFet's blog

Yossi and Total tenboss appeared in SOFFet's blog today

Something about Yossi makes Her look sooooooooooooo good (She looks always good so I can't explain this feeling xD)
Leather + Yossi = HOT-but-at-the-same-time-COOL

Also I'm going to go cruise on next week, so I checked what they sell on the ship. And I found out that Yossi's perfume (Bvlgari Pour Femme) is sold there!!!
OMG!!! I can't wait to sniff what it smell like. Then I can imagine how good Yossi smells *______*
Many fans say She smells really good xD


090125 Ethica no Kagami

God, Yossi is so pretty *___*

Yossi told a story about Her first love <3
But She lost the key keychain She got from older boy (?)

She also mentioned She was hospitalized (?)
Was it during the MM audition when She was sick? T____T

I'm waiting someone to translate this so I can really understand what She was saying xD

When she was in 2nd grade, she used to play dodgeball with an older boy (probably a 6th grader). Yossi had to move and transfer schools during elementary school and although she felt sad about this she didn't tell him of this--however, during her last day, he threw her a keychain from his department, and from that she knew that he felt sad that she was leaving, too. Back then she didn't think much of it, but thinking back on it she thinks that it was a good way for her first love to finish.

... but where is that keychain now?
"Um, I don't have it anymore. It ended up getting lost during the moving."

It seems the second segment is about a robot that can communicate with people (which seems to be used for hospital patients). They all share their experiences about staying in the hospital; Yossi says that she hated the feeling of having to go to the bathroom alone, dragging the IV along. The sound it makes rolling against the ground would stay in her head, and make it really hard for her to go to sleep again.

I think Her first love story is cute <3 But I wonder did the boy try to contact Yossi later. Somehow I don't think so because, after all, they were so young back then. It would have been pretty romantic though.
From the hospital memory I get this "little girl" feeling and that's why I still think it could have been when She was sick during MM audition. Didn't She once say that She was in hospital because of that?
Other time that comes to my mind is the year 2006 when She lost weight a lot...

Anyway, thanks to darje @H!O from translation <3

Shibuya eggman live


Ah, Hangry <3


Elder Club Concert V

Small Yossi pics

I like the outfits ^_^


Sh*t, keyhole!!!! Why you're not working when I want to watch Yossi
For your own good you would be better to work tomorrow!!!!


Hangry&Angry New Single

Hangry and Angry will start recording the new single on next month!!!!
OMG!!!! I so thought they wouldn't release anything anymore.
But good I was wrong xDDDD

Their comment after today's (23rd day) live was posted on their blog.
I have to say I like this hair more on Hangry than the CC live hair ^_^
And I also like the make-up on Her more this time.

Someone asked at HH why it's always Yossi and Rika (regarding the play).
Well... If you ask me I would say Rika needs Yossi's help to get work xDDDDDDD
Look at Miki. She gets TV appearances and plays without Yossi's help xDDDD
But nobody ever ask me anything so yeah xDDDDDDDD
And I'm sorry. I know I'm a bad person xDDD

Tokyo Alice

So this was true after all: Yossi and Rika will be on stage play on May, with Makoto.
I hope Yossi gets a big role (since we know who will be the star...) ^_^

This will be Yossi's fourth play after Her graduation
2007: Kimi ni Kaeru (or whatever. I'm still mad only Rika's ver was shown on TV)
2007: Heisei Revolution
2007: Olivia wo Kikinagara
2009: Tokyo Alice

Made a little bit editing since I checked and notided that Olivia was played in 2007, but the DVD was out in 2008 xD



Yossi and Rika will be starring at a stage play on May??
The play will be based on Tokyo Alice manga?
There seems to be 4 girls in the manga, so will two soon-not-H!P members join Yossi and Rika?
IF this is true I'm sure Rika will get the leading role. Just because she has more fans than Yossi and that's why UF* might want to give the biggest role to her.
Also doesn't the main character in these kind of mangas useally be little bit selfish, cute, naive etc. I just can't picture Yossi playing that kind of character. But Rika... Well I don't have problems to picture her like that xD

Yoshizawa Hitomi x Matsumoto Jun (Arashi)???
There seems to have been rumor about these two dating. Wotas discussed about it for few days, but the topic seems to be died already. I haven't seen any link or pics or anything like that, so I don't know what is the source...
I noticed this before but now I remembered it again because of this rumor: When Yossi was in Arashi no Shukudai-kun (081020) Matsumoto wore the same kind of ring than Yossi has. It can be just a coincidence though, but it was interesting. My imagination can be just waaaaaay too wild also xD
But IF this is true I'm happy She picked the best looking member, IMO xD Although this opinion is mostly based on the episode Yossi was in xD
As long as She's happy it's good. But I'm also selfish and I still want Her to appear in TV, have events and sing on concerts so I have a chance to see Her. That's why I'm scared that UF* will do something stupid IF this is true and gets a bigger attention...

PS. One more thing: No matter who She might date, Yomiki is always the #1 pair in my heart ^^


Elder Club Concert IV

I want to see this concert already...
I can't wait to see Yossi and Miki perform again. And this time even on the same stage.
To me it's enough to see them at the same place at the same time ^__^

According to some japanese fan's blog Yossi's sitting behind Miki during "Juunen Ai"
Sawada Noto Konno Ishikawa Okada ------ Miyoshi Yoshizawa Satoda Korenaga Sengoku
Shibata Murata Inaba Ogawa Matsuura ------ Yaguchi Fujimoto Saito Ootani Murata

And if I have understood right Yossi was dancing on Her seat during "Boogie Train" :heart:
And Miki "responded" to Her Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Yossi seems to be pretty active during other perfs too, according to many fans.
Especially with Mai.

Yossi's white dress :heart:



I so so so so so so so love Her legs *faints*
(bigger pic pls)

I hope She doesn't hate Her legs anymore.
Actually I can't understand how She ever could hate Her legs anyway *__*


And THIS!!!!!!!

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! Upload bigger pics T______T
And I want to get the rest of these Kanashimi Twilight pics too...



Appearances V

Yossi's Gariben team

Well, I'm pretty sure Yossi's the smartest in Her team xDD

Damn you, helloproject.com -_- Why there are programs listed where Yossi won't be... -__-
(Trickstar and Arashi no Shukudai-kun)

But anyway, here's a few new show where She will appear:
09/01/25 Ethica no Kagami Fuji TV 21:00-21:55
09/01/30 Best Movie 2008 Top 20 Movie Plus 18:30-19:00

Next weekend will be Yossi weekend \o/

Also She will be in some monomane live thing later:
09/02/02 Yoshimoto Monomane Grandprix
I read that this will most likely be broadcast later. Yay!!!


Then and now

Now, before I forget again let's make some comparison:
2000: 86-60-88 (Yossi's application for MM)
2008: 98-62-96 (080920 Takada Junji no Tokyo Paradise)



Elder Club Concert III + pointles rant

After hearing some fanrecordings I think Yossi and Yaguchi are MCs with Makoto. Seems like Yaguchi is in the first VTR-memory corner and Yossi is in the second one <3


I still don't get why they couldn't give just ONE solo line to someone else than Rika in the Koisuru Angel Heart -_- Damn, I wouldn't even care if it was given to Aya -_-
But noooooooooooooooooo. The concert just needed more Rika -_-

And why the hell people want Takahashi and Niigaki to sing with MM OG in the joined concert -_-
They are NOT graduated MM members!!! Yossi never joined MM OG when She still was in MM altough the rest of 4th Gen were singing... But since we are talking about those two of course they will join the MM OG and ruin the song >__________<


Elder Club Concert II

Okay, let see:
-I WISH is beautiful :cry:
-Screen is so goooooooood
-I might have to watch Melon Kinenbi’s perfs when the DVD is out. I did it last time and they didn’t disappoint me. I’m sure they won’t do it this time either.
-Seriously BABY Koi ni Knock Out is probably the best H!P song :rock: :rock: Yossi just rock the whole song! And I didn't recognize Makoto's voice first O_O She sounds better than I thought.
-Miki :heart:
-I hope there will be extra DVD or something which will include ALL those VTRmemorythings
-Aaaa, Yossi forgot it was Her turn to sing Mai’s part in Koi no
Bell xD
-Morning Coffee :heart:
-And seems like Yossi is pushed back in the OG medley again. Just like in the time when She was in MM...
-I’m so sorry to say this again, but the concert has too much Rika, to me (and I’m not saying this because “I’m jealous”) Seems like The Peace and Koisuru are just the reasons to have some more Rika in concerts....
-Never Forget = perfect ending!!

And there is not Love Machine twice xD "24. Love Machine" doesn't exist. And the last MC is fake too.

Now I want picsssssssss. According to fans Yossi's outfits are white -> black (pucchimoni) -> black+orange (OnGatas) -> red (medley)

Elder Club Concert

This seems to be the setlist

2. I Know / all

Opening Movie
3. Juunen Ai / Nakazawa, Abe, Iida, Yasuda
4. Screen / Abe
5. Koi no Telephone GOAL / Abe
6. Lalala•Sososo / Mano
7. Give Me Up / Melon Kinenbi
8. Kenchana ~Daijoubu~ / Maeda
9. BABY! Koi ni KNOCK OUT! / Yasuda, Yoshizawa, Ogawa
10. 100kai no Kiss / Matsuura
11. Yeah! Meccha Holiday / Matsuura
12. Tanpopo (Single version) / Iida, Yaguchi, Ishikawa, Shibata, Konno
13. Agekai ni Dakarete / Iida
14. This is Unmei / Melon Kinenbi
15. Ai ~Suite Room~ / Viyuden
16. Boogie Train 03 / Fujimoto
17. Kuyashi Namida Porori / Nakazawa
18. Magic of Love / Inaba, Maeda
19. Aoi Sports Car no Otoko / Iida, Yaguchi, Inaba, Melon, Miyoshi, Okada
20. Thanks! / GAM (Chorus dancers: Inaba, Maeda, Melon, Miyoshi, Okada)
21. Kizuna / Matsuura (Chorus: Fujimoto, Inaba, Melon, Miyoshi, Okada)
22. Come Together / Ongaku Gatas
23. Narihajimeta Koi no
BELL / Ongaku Gatas
24. Love Machine / all

25. MM OG Medley:
• Morning Coffee / Nakazawa, Abe, Iida, Yasuda, Yaguchi
• Manatsu no Kousen / Nakazawa, Abe, Iida, Yasuda, Yaguchi
• The Peace! / MM OG
• LOVE Machine / MM OG

25. Koisuru Angel Heart / all, except Matsuura
26. Never Forget / all

Looks pretty good. But to me who useally watch only the performances where Yossi is, the concert is short...
And it will end with MC??? O__O Not song?? And Love Machine twice O___O

What I like right now:
+Boogie Train '03
+GAM (altough I only like half of them xD)
+Never Forget

Not so great:
-WTF is Mano doing there!!!
-Matsuura, Rika. I could live if they weren't on stage so often
-not enough Yossi xD


My hopes for concert

Elderly Club's concert tour finally starts tomorrow...

I listed some of my wishes for the concert:
1. Yossi solo
2. Yomiki duet
3. If not duet, then Yomiki with 1-2 other member (actually I would looooove to have Indigo Blue Love - Yomiki+Aya ver)
4. OG musume medley
5. Hangry&Angry perf
6. Lot of Yossi
7. Upbeat songs
8. Great outfits

Then what I thing will happen:
1. Ishiyoshi duet (which is good since it means more Yossi)
2. Rika will be "in the center" again... Of course...
3. OG musume medley (or just normal perf)
4. No Yomiki (UF* doesn't want to put them together since Ishiyoshi is "in" right now, and Yomiki could ruin it)
5. Slow songs...
6. Not enough Yossi

Should I tell that I almost everytime wait for the worst. In this way you have bigger chance to get a great surprise xD

And I hope the last H!P concert I will most likely be interested in will include more Elderly Club than Wonderful Hearts' kids... Give most of the lines to Elderly, give them more stage time and camera focus. Don't let Takahashi, Koharu and other kids ruin the concert. Altough they will do it anyway -_-

Appearances IV

Long time no blogging xD
Happy new year!!!

Finally there is some new TV appearances for Yossi ^^
09/01/10 Saturday Studio Park (only VTR message?) NHK 13:05-14:05
09/01/12 Arashi no Shukudai-kun (Unseen scenes) Nippon TV 23:58-24:28 *
09/01/13 Ronbu no Kaiketsu Trickstar SP TV Tokyo 18:30-20:00 *
09/01/14 Narutomo Yomiuri TV 09:55-04:13 *
09/01/24 Gariben TV Asahi 19:00-19:57
09/01/25 Daitan MAP TV Asahi 19:00-19:58

* source is helloproject.com which sometimes lists shows that end up being untrue


09/03/11 Ongaku Gatas concert tour 2008 winter ~Come Together~ DVD