09/06/21 STB

Tiny pic

Pretty <3


09/06/27 Dinner Show

From today's Dinner Show:

OMG, so beautiful <3



09/06/26 Edo ni Manabu ~Edo Jidai=Eko Jidai~ NHK 12:20-12:43*
09/06/26 ShowGeki! One Phrase TBS 24:05-24:35
09/07/03 Necchuu Yawa ~Michael’s song~ NHK-BS2 20:00-20:45
09/07/03 ShowGeki! One Phrase TBS 24:05-24:35
09/07/04 Test the Body Fuji TV 15:30-17:24
09/07/08 Guutannubo** Fuji TV 23:00-23:30
09/07/10 Necchuu Yawa ~Michael’s dance~ NHK-BS2 20:00-20:45

09/xx/xx Socrates no Jinji NHK 24:10-24:55

Broadcast day for "Test the Body" has changed.
*Same as Fuubutsushi ~Quiz de manabu Edo no Natsu~. The name has changed.
**The name is written as グータンヌーボ

Test the Body:

Looks fun xDD


Looking pretty <3

Footloose musical

Yossi's name has been removed out from Footloose side...

Of course this started a big speculation why this happened.
She will run maraton. There will be Hangry&Angry/Ongaku Gatas tour. She's going to get married. She's pregnant.

I'm so disapointed... I was really waiting for this...



Miki wrote in her blog about powerstones she got from her sempai

You know who seems to love powerstones?
Try to guess. It's not hard xD
Ah, you got it x)
This person:

I know, I know. I'm biased since to me
Sempai --> Yossi
Powerstones --> Yossi
"I think entertainers and sports people wear them as well" --> Yossi
---> YoMiki <3


09/06/21 STB139

01. Kaze wo Atsumete (Happy End)
02. ZOO (Kaori Kawamura)
03. Kimi Ga Iru Dake de (Komekome Club)
04. Minna Hitori (Mariya Takeuchi)
05. Manatsu no Kajitsu (Southern all-stars)
06. WOW WOW WOW (Pucchimoni)
07. Medley
- Mirai no Taiyou (Morning Musume)
- Otoko Tomodachi (Morning Musume)
- Aruiteru (Morning Musume)
08. Owaranai Uta (THE BLUE HEARTS)
09. Story (AI)

10. Aozora ga Itsumade mo Tsuzuku You na Mirai de Are! (Morning Musume)

Fanart and cocktail

And apparently She changed Her outfit for the encore.

I might be biased but I loved Her live again <3>_<



09/06/10 Gatas public practise

Gatas' public practise at Sacas Futsal park REPORT

This time Yossi's there.
Surprise, surprise no Miki...

I'm starting to belive Yossi won't attend tomorrow, but Miki will


Artist you want to be your lover

It's time to vote for the artist you have a crush on xD


アーティスト名: Artist Name (吉澤ひとみ)
あなたのニックネーム:Your Name
都道府県:Place you live (the last one means "other")

(Multiple voting can make your voting invalid)

I don't really belive Yossi will make to the list, but you never know.
She just hasn't been "an artist" lately......
But for me She will always be number One <3


09/06/14 The Best Television + Hashire! Postman

Her hair is so loooooooong.
When will She cut it? xD
Not like I wouldn't like Her long hair, but She has Herself said that short hair is better on the summer.

09/06/14 Hashire! Postman

09/06/13 Yuko's blog

Yossi made Her "photo debut" on Yuko's blog

Looks like they are going to appear together on TV again <3
09/06/27 Test the Body Fuji TV 15:30-17:25


09/06/12 Shibuya Deep A

Prettyyyyyyyyy <3
Yossi + tie = DROOL
Also shorts *___*



More TV shows for Her ^^
09/06/18 Bijo Houdan TV Tokyo 25:00-25:30
09/06/19 ShowGeki! One Phrase TBS 24:05-24:35
09/06/26 ShowGeki! One Phrase TBS 24:05-24:35

The first part of the Bijo Houdan will be today


Hashire! Postman preview

She is so pretty that I want to cry <3
Can't wait to see this!

The preview can be seen here



Yossi pic collection

I loooooove the way She sits *o*
And I looooove to see Her with Miki <3


Gatas public training

Report and few pics from the training:

Miki <3
No Yossi...


More TV appearances (Edit)

09/06/11 Bijo Houdan TV Tokyo 25:00-25:35
09/06/12 Shibuya Deep A NHK-BS2 23:00-24:00
09/06/14 Chikyuu Kandou Haitatsunin Hashire! Postman TBS 22:00-22:54
09/06/16 Bijo Houdan TV Osaka 25:00-25:35
09/06/26 Fubutsushi ~Quiz de Manabu Edo no Natsu~ NHK 12:20-12:43
I'm soooo not sure what the second show should be called ^^:
The original name is: 風物詩 ~クイズで学ぶ 江戸の夏~

Yay, more Yossi on TV <3

The performance day for Footloose musical has been decided:
December 7th

Only one performance...
Somehow I don't think this will be on DVD T____T
But I hope I'm wrong :prays:


Tokyo Alice DVD

Yes, there will be DVD!!!!
The release date is August 12 <3