Doyou Special preview

Watch preview: http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/sat/next/

12/06/30 Yossy Navi #46


This looks so much fun~
I don't like Mickey but Yossy's shirt is awesome xD
And Her hair is great too~

Hopefully Yossy can go to the location in the next episode too~
And more locations for Yossy please.

12/06/30 Dai 9kai Zennihon Joshi Futsal Championship in Tokyo Tournament

First game:
Gatas vs Bagorugaruzu
6 - 0

Second game:
Gatas vs Tokarufugadorasu Shinjuku
1 - 4

Third game:
Gatas vs Bukyo AFC
1 - 4

06/30(土) 16:30 ガッタスブリリャンチスHP 6-0 バゴルガールズ 
06/30(土) 18:00 ガッタスブリリャンチスHP 1-4 トカールフガドラス新宿
06/30(土) 19:30 ガッタスブリリャンチスHP 1-4 文京AFC



Yu! Style CM


This looks very enjoyable~ <3
Only hate how they added that annoying kid in the show too.....

London Olympics Soccer Joshi Daihyou Ouen MAGAZINE Nadeshiko Japan

Release date July 2nd


Hikari TV Guide July Issue


I hope someone will be able to record this.
And that person would be so nice and share it with the rest of us....


Doyou Special

Doyou Special Goku Tabi 3 Tatsujin to Iku Gaido ni Noranai Hitsua

Love Yossy's hair~ <3
WTF is Rika wearing..? Trying too much to look sporty?

Hands up if you hate how they always put Rika with Yossy in TV shows


TV update

12/06/30 Yossy Navi #46 
BS Nippon TV 17:00-17:30

12/07/07 Doyou Special Goku Tabi 3 Tatsujin to Iku Gaido ni Noranai Hitsua 
TV Tokyo 19:00-20:54

12/07/14 Yu! Style ~Hajimeyou!! Jitensha Life~ #01 
Hikari TV 12:00-12:30

12/07/14 Yossy Navi #47 
BS Nippon TV 17:00-17:30


Special Live 2012 at NIPPON BUDOKAN

First, I liked this concert very much~
Yossy is so damn awesome.
Yuko is great too.
Without certain member DMM would be so much better (weird thing is even Koharu doesn't bother me that much, since in the end she's not getting that much lines)

Few thought about the concert:
- I don't like the first outfit... You know that yellow wedding dress.... Rest of the outfits are good, though.
- I always forget how awesome Souda! is. Especially live~
- Rika must have hated the Mikan perf xD Yossy's not even part of the "Mikan group" but still She's the center of the song xD Still not liking that song, though.
- Roman~ Yossy \o/

- I want Pucchimoni concert tour!!! These three are just so awesome together~

- And again, the best part of the concert: Mr. Moonlight~

- The medley was really good too. I especially loved Memory Seishun no Hikari <3 Yossy sounds so beautiful and sexy~

- Loved how they get lines to Yossy in Love Machine. And of course the YoMako moment again xD

- If they are gonna add more members to DMM I don't want them to continue anymore. If they won't add anyone I would like these ladies have another concert again <3
- So many Yossy T-shirt in the audience <3
- Also liked Daite Hold on me, Shabondama, Summer Night Town and Sexy Boy (even though Rika and Koharu almost ruined it). The whole concert is really good, though :D


Yu! Style ~Hajimeyou!! Jitensha Life~


Starting on July 14th.
Airtime: 12:00-12:30
Channel:  Hikari TV


Thank you~

Thank you HMV and Finnish postoffice for being fast this time!!!!
Just got the Budokan DVD!!!!!

Now I just have to drive 3 hours to my grandmom and then I can finally watch it~


Here, take a look to one and only Mr. Moonlight~

Yossy's so damn awesome~
Love the YoMako dance <3
Can I have my own Mr. Moonlight, please *____*


DMM Budokan DVD

Screeeeeeeen caps~!!!

This concert will kill meeeeeeeee!!!
Yossy will kill meeee!!! (kiss meeee!!!)
Mr. Moonlight!!!

The bad thing is I most likely won't get this DVD untill next week.....
Since it's Midsummer on this weekend, the whole country will stop from Friday to Sunday....
Packages won't move in post office....
If it was a normal weekend, I could get the DVD on Friday, dammit.


12/05/28 Weekly Playboy (full scans)

Got it~

Yossy *______________________*


Yossy Navi location recording 12/06/18

Recording Yossy Navi?

Oh I really hope they took Yossy with them in the location filming~


12/06/17 JFA Family Futsal Festival

Gatas attented in Futsal event in Yokohama.
From the tiny pics looks like Yossy was also there

Some Up-front girl blogged about it:


12/06/16 Yossy Navi #45

Oh god, I have this stupid smirk on my face again xD

So no Yossy in karaoke.........
I want those cute little animals xD
And I want that cute person holding them too <3