Yossi x Iida

I love reading stories about Yossi with other (ex-)H!P members <3 Lately Iida has been writing about Her quite a lot. She wrote how they eat together and they even went to shopping together <3
And they bought matching shoes xD
Iida posted pic of the shoes on her blog:

I so want to see Yossi wearing these :drool:

Also Yuko seems to like write about Yossi too xD
I was so happy to read how Yuko wrote about Yossi when She had a birthday <3


Tokyo Alice V

Just received a message that I finally was able to get Tokyo Alice tickets!!!
I'm sooooo freaking happy and excited right now!!!
I'm gonna see HER!!! I can't believe it!! And I won't before I really am sitting on the theatre and She's on the stage!!!
Now I only hope the tickets will be on the hotel when I arrive there with my sisters....

I'm so gonna take pics next to this billboard xD


090424 Nyokkin7

Want T________T


I love shows that focus on Yossi <3
46 minutes Yossi goodness <3


090420 Omoikkiri DON

Grey hair?? Again??
But She's pretty <3
Yossie was surprised about mikkity's wedding announcement. She did ask Mikkity to send her an invitation to the wedding in July. Yossie talks about how surprising & weird it is about Tsuji. Tsuji used to "moon" ppl (show off her ass on purpose) in the dressing room all the time. Never cleaned up after herself and always getting scolded by the personal managers. But now she's a homemaker who shows off her child-rearing & cooking techniques thru her blog.

So they ask Yossie about her marriage plans. Yossie: "Well, if anyone would have me". Ofcourse everyone on the show exclaimed "Waddaya saying?!' There's tons of guys who're interested". But she said it's impossible. She said she's too particular about things, so marriage probably wouldn't work out. The MC asked her if that meant she was also too possesive (like keeping the guy on a tight leash)? She wasn't sure, but she said she has to get her way in everything. But at the same time the guy has to be dependable/reliable as well. MC: "And based on looks, what do you like?" Yossie: "Dicaprio". MC exclaims: "There's noone that's gonna meet your standards then!!" (big laughes). Female co-host: "Right, a Dicaprio that answers to all your whims!". Grampa/MC: "You may have to stay single for the rest of your life" (laughes). Then Yossie added that she also likes athletic types. Someone with some muscles and not skinny. So they said maybe a pro-athlete would be good. Yossie agreed. They wondered if it should be a baseball player or a soccer player. Then the grampa/MC mentioned how Yossie is a great athlete, impressed by how she went up against several pro-soccer goalies and she was the only one that scored all the goals. MC: "Hmm, so the punchline is, you can score goals in soccer, but you can't score with romantic relationships" (laughes) Yossie just grins big and nods "yup, yup, yup". MC: "That was like a great standup routine we just did, huh?" (big laughes)

Now they talk about Yossie's love for boiled eggs and they they have some. Yossie , the boled egg connoiseur, said they all taste different from store to store. They even carry flavored eggs now. really likes the ones she buys at the train station before getting on the shinkansen (bullet train).

Then they show some pics Yossie had from 1999. She was 14. This was when she started with the auditioning process. Video of 'Happy Summer Wedding', where she mentions how Tsuji spilled manicure all over her costume. Then the MC mentions how he's always had this impression that momusu members got along well. Yossie agreed. And just recently Yossie got a surprise call from 2 miniutes before midnight, right before her birthday, from the current momusu girls. But she didn't know what all the commotion was at first. Then they all screameed in unson "Happy Brithday!!'. Then the MC brought up the name 'Nakazawa Yuko". MC: "Lot's of scary stuff/stories, huh?" Yossie: "If Nakazawa-san said "Good Morning" in a gruff low tone, I'd immediately know she's in a baaaaad mood and would need to be really careful that day (big laughes). But if it sounded light-hearted, then it was all good. (lol) MC: "Also you can't eat bananas in front of Nakazawa-san, right?" Yossie: "If she (nakazawa-san) even smelled it she'd grimace, like "WTF (is that smell)".

I can have you, Yossi :fear:
So, She didn't mention how MM woke Her up with that message, since She was in Seatle.
And I so want to try those boiled eggs when I go to Japan xD

Summary credit to matadesuyo8 @H!O


090419 Trim Cup

Pretty~ *________*


Appearances X

09/04/19 Trim Cup 2009 BS2 13:00-14:25
09/04/20 Omoikkiri DON Nippon TV 10:25-11:25
09/04/24 Nyokkin 7 Okayama Broadcasting(OHK) 19:00-19:54

09/06/21 Solo STB139
09/06/27 Casual Dinner Show
09/08/01 Dinner Show (with Yaguchi&Satoda)



Since tomorrow it has been 9 years from 4th gen debut (or was it today xD) I want to post "Yossi collection" xD
I actually got the idea from some other side and I'm using those pics ^^; So credit to that Japanese fan <3
I changed a few pics since I didn't want to include hANGRY in this.

So let't start from the beginning: 2000 (and a few older pics) Yossi2000.jpg - Picamatic - upload your images
Cuuuuuuuuuute~! (I know there's typo xD)

Yossi2001.jpg - Picamatic - upload your images

Yossi2002.jpg - Picamatic - upload your images

Yossi2003.jpg - Picamatic - upload your images

Yossi2004.jpg - Picamatic - upload your images
Dunno, but somehow She just turned from "kid" to "adult" very fast xD

Yossi2005.jpg - Picamatic - upload your images
I think it's stupid to say "I don't like Yossi's hair in 2005". Just see how many hairstyle She had xDD

Yossi2006.jpg - Picamatic - upload your images
From long pretty hair to short cool one <3

Yossi2007.jpg - image uploaded to Picamatic
Okay, seriously She's getting more and more beautiful *___*
I remember being a little bit sad when She cut Her hair xD

Yossi2008.jpg - upload images with Picamatic
She dyed Her hair back to blonde in late October as we see here
Although I like (almost) all Her hairstyles, one of my favorites is Her July-October hair <3

And this year so far:
Yossi2009.jpg - image uploaded to Picamatic
Let's not forget that She dyed Her hair back to light brown in this month.
After about 6 months xD

I kind a want to finish this so I hope more TV appearances xD

Yes, I'm obsessed xD

I knew it xDD

I had a feeling that Yossi might change Her hair color after Sakura-con x)


I just hope Her hair would be a little bit darker...
But it was already time to Her to dye Her hair since She was blonde about 6 months xDD


Lady Madonna & NO FUTURE

These are new songs hANGRY&ANGRY performed at Sakura-con.

I found fanrecs and I so love both songs <3
hANGRY just keeps sounding better and better.

I can't wait for the fall when, according to h&A, their new album will be released.
I just hope I can buy it somehow...

"Lady Madonna give me the truth. Lady Madonna give me the lie"
(or that's what I hear xD)


Happy Birthday <3

Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

I'm so happy I was able to find out who Yossi is.
She's so amazing I can't even find the words to describe Her.
She's just so cool, hot, cute, beautiful and perfect <3

Sadistic Dance

hANGRY&ANGRY's new single :rock:
Too bad it's digital only and I'm not living USA/Canada/Mexico...
Stupid Japanfiles...

But the song is great!!!!


Happy Easter

I'm gonna go home and eat sooooooooo much mämmi and chocolate xDD

But before that some flowers:

Kimi ni kaeru

Heisei Revolution

Olivia wo kikinagara


Pouch check

Let's check what's inside Yossi's pouch:

This is like my shopping list for Japan xDDD

If I understood right:
- She got that pouch for birthday present from kouhai last year. Somehow I’m thinking Makoto xD
Or Tsuji, who came to my mind next xD
- She doesn’t use make up that often (in private). Yes, She's just naturally beautiful <3
- She use a lot of moisture creams and lotions O__O No wonder Her skin looks so soft *__*
- She really seems to love Her red nailpolish...
- She also mentioned Yasuda, but I just can't get what She's saying xD Yasuda recommended that item for Her ?????

This reminds me of this pic from VoCe magazine

Yossi's beauty tips <3


Tokyo Alice IV

Rika's role met a new co-worker who comes from a rich family. They date, and he proposes later. However, Rika's role wonders that how come he doesn't reach next step (meaning sex) and finds that this guy has some psychological issues toward sexual relationships (with others). He is hoping they can get married (without sex), and he will satisfy all Rika's role's shopping desire.

Yossy's role has distinguished romantic sexual relationships apart from the marriage (due to her family rule of getting married to someone graduated from University of Tokyo). She is looking for sexual exictements before her entering the omiai marriage, so she has many different boyfriends (or one night stand). When Yossy's role is helping the boss of Rika's role to get together with Rika's role, she meets one of his friends. This guy is really different from all other guys she met before. He ingores her, doesn't remember her and teases her. Later, he surprisingly kisses Yossy's role, she becomes totally attracted by him while her wedding plan is still going on.

Chie's role cannot have any romantic relationship with guys because her heart is with Rika's role. However, she has a sexual partner, another doctor (a married man) from the same hospital.

Makoto's role later falls in love with Chie's admirer. One night, after he is so upset of finding out that Chie's role has a sexual relationship with another doctor, he and Makoto's role spend a night together in bed. (he is drunk and she really likes him). But, he only wants to be a friend of Makoto's role......
Yossi's role sounds now even better xDD

But this is how the manga is... The play won't necessary be the same, though.

And thanks to meggy again <3


Tokyo Alice III

Basically these four were childhood friends and graduated from the same middle school.

Rika's role is a super shopholic OL, and not really sure what she truly wants in life. Her boss likes her, but she introduces him to Yossy's role. Later, Yossy's role is helping him to get together with Rika's role.

Yossy's role works in a Ginza's art gallery and comes from a really rich family. The family rule for girls is to get married to someone who graduated from University of Tokyo (therefore, many omiai for her). Basically, her role is a playgirl, who wants to date many guys before her marriage. In fact, she knows all her friends really well and care for them, even though sometimes she could be really harsh.

Makoto's role is a new mangaka (comic artist), and she tends to fall in love with cheap men or someone depending on her. Later, she likes someone who is in love with Chie's role.

All three live together in a relative's house of Yossy's role after the potential husband of Yossy's role is decided. So many daily stuff happen.

Chie's role is a doctor in cardiology and secrectly in love with Rika's role since they were teens. So she couldn't have a normal relationship with guys.
Credit to meggy <3

Somehow I think Yossi's role is perfect for Her xDD


3rd Solo STB

Yossi's having Her 3rd Solo STB on June 21st <3

Hopefully She will also have a Dinner Show, so there will be some fanpics :)


Beautiful legsssss

Damn, She looks finnnnnnnnnnne :drool:
Legs *______*
Beautiful long legs *______*

I know I'm biased when I say Yossi looks the best xD
Rika looks meh, almost bad... Makoto looks like she always does xD
And that unknow girl... Well she looks OK xD

*stares Her* *sigh*


F*cking computer errors!!!!!
Stupid computers that keep selling tickets although the show is already sell out!!
And f*cking sellers how decided with draw who got the tickets!!! Don't you have a system which tells who bought the tickets first??! You really should!!!!
Now my chance to see Her is near 0% T_____________T


Talk show

Yossi and Kitazawa seemed to have little talk show after Trim Cup (090329).
Some fanpics:

Also one of the players took photo with Yossi after the game

Damn you lucky bastards T__T

Appearances VIII

09/04/03 Warai Episode GP THE Entertainer Legend TV Asahi 20:00-21:54
09/04/11 Trim Cup 2009 Kochi Broadcasting 13:30-14:55
09/04/19 Trim Cup 2009 BS2 13:00-14:25
09/03/24 Nyokkin 7 Okayama Broadcasting(OHK) 19:00-19:54
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^Nyokkin 7