09/05/31 SURUGA bank CUP

Gatas' players: Yoshizawa, Fujimoto, Shibata, Ishikawa, Korenaga, Konno, Noto, Sengoku, Sawada, Fujisaki, Nagai, Sugawara, Yaguchi (new player).

Gatas vs F.C.XETA 0-0
Gatas vs Beans Girls 1-0 (Score: Fujimoto)
Gatas vs DA ARC BIJOU 0-2
Gatas vs PRINCIPESSA DE SOL WFC 2-0 (Shibata, Korenaga)
Gatas vs F.C.RA 2-0 (Korenaga, Yoshizawa)

Gatas ended up to the second place (Da Arc Bijou won).

Stupid UFA showing us only practicing where Miki isn't involved. She's awesome player and she would deserve that. Any way, Mikiiiiiii!!!
Congradulations both of you <3
And Korekore and Shibata, too.
I guess Mai was too busy to participate in the tournament...

Upcoming events

09/09/23 Mix Dinner Show (with Mari and Mai)
09/10/10 10th Anniversary event (with Tsuji and Rika)
09/10/11 4th solo STB139 ~Autumn Selection~
(I'm assuming/hoping there will be also solo CDS, as before)

4th gen <3
Mari and Kei sang songs they wrote themselves in their Dinner show last time... I hope Yossi will do that too... Of course I hope She will do that on June Dinner show/STB xD


09/05/30 King's Brunch

She still has long hair <3 Although I kind a wish She would cut it already xD
Their segment lasted like 30 seconds -_-



09/05/30 King's Brunch (Ousama no Brunch) TBS 03:30-08:00
09/06/14 The Best Television NHK BS2 13:00-18:00
Why she can't do anything on her own for once -___- I'm getting sick of tired on her
Chikyuu Kandou Haitatsunin Hashire! Postman TBS (air date not decided)

09/05/31 SURUGA bank CUP (futsal tournament)
09/06/03 Gatas public exercise (no member decided)
09/06/10 Gatas public exercise (no member decided)
09/06/17 Gatas public exercise (no member decided)
09/06/24 Gatas public exercise (no member decided)

09/06/21 Solo STB139
09/06/27 Casual Dinner Show
09/08/01 Dinner Show (with Yaguchi&Satoda)

09/05/17 Yossi's activity as Kobaton Club:

Kobaton Club is some kind of "cheering" group made for Saitama. It includes Yossi and 4 other famous people from Saitama. It was found in January, and I don't remember if I ever mentioned it ^^;


Trip to Tokyo

Let's take a looks some of the pictures I took during my vacation:

090517 Shinjuku: See the last post

090518 Ikebukuro

Tohoshinki xDDDDD
I ate same icecream as Yossi in Amezidon xD Gari Gari kun :drool: So good and only 82 yen!
Mikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii was on TV in the evening <3
Last but not least: what I bought on that day.

090319 Harajuku

So many Yossi photos were sold out T___T

090520 Disney Land

Caramel popcorn was soooooo gooooooood!!!!
And why I choosed to show these pics?
Well, if you don't know go to see Disney Time episodes where Yossi was on.

090521 Shibuya

Glad News is EXPENSIVE!!! And it was smaller than I thought O__O
I saw the shoes that's photo Iida posted on her blog xDDD
And again there's photo about what did I bought <3

090522 Tokyo Tower

Again go to see Kinkon Hill if you have no idea why I post pics xD
There was scary man behind the desk in front of that Guinnes place... So I took a photo veeery fast when he wasn't looking xD

Yes, my trip has veeeeeeeeery Yossi influensed xDDD


Tokyo Alice REPORT

May 17th 2009
~Tokyo Alice~

My sister’s penpal’s mom told us how to get to the Space Zero from Shinjuku station. Of course we took that advice and it also sounded very simple. But we ended up to get kinda lost ^_^;
We asked someone for help and he told us where we should go. In the end we find the right place :rock: (also thanks to my little sister’s amazing memory and Google Earth).

We left the hotel about 4:15pm and we were at the Space Zero 5:30pm, so we had an half an hour before the doors were opened. There were lost of wotas already and we were the only foreign ones. Or at least I didn’t see anyonw else XD I still hadn’t realized that I was going to see Her soon.

Finally the doors were opened and we went inside. Time to buy some goods! I bought Yossi towel, phone strap and two photo sets :heart: I also wanted to buy Live photo sets but for some reason I didn’t :bang: Those weren’t shown on the table so I could have pointed them and I think I was too nervous to ask if I could have them... Anyway, we decided to enter to the hall 15 minutes before the play started. And still I wasn’t realized where I was XD

About 5 minutes before the play started Rika’s recorded voice welcomed us etc. This was when it finally hit me: I was going to see Her! Of course I became to grin like a mad XD

The play started with Rika and the fortune teller. My first thoughts were: “Ah, I have pretty good view. Rika’s voice is still annoying but she’s pretty. Now where the hell is Yossi?”. My heart beat soooo fast. I was sure it was going to come out off my breast XD

Then the scene ended. The stage went dark, but I was still able to see Her figure when She entered the stage. I was so sure I was going to faint. First we heard Yossi’s voice and then lights came on. And there She was!!! Sitting on the “sofa”! OMG, She is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L :heart: I already knew that but She was even more gorgeous than in photos. I never thought it could be possible since She looks so perfect in photos, but how wrong was I!!! Her hair was sooooo long. And Her legs :drool:

The first outfit was the green one (cyan). I especially liked it because the hem wasn’t straight but the other side were shorter. On one point Her dress was higher showing Her thigh while She was sitting. But soon She straightened it. Dunno if it was wrote on the play or not, but I don’t care :drool: Also Yossi’s flirting :heart: Lucky man...

The second outfit was red knit with black and white skirt. I can’t really remember what happened when She wore this... :bang: Maybe because I had to keep my other eye on my little sister ‘cos she was feeling really bad... I can’t blame her. We hadn’t had proper sleeping over 24 hours and we hadn’t really been eating anything for 5-6 hours... Luckily she felt better after while ^_^

Yossi’s third outfit was light green summer dress (with some kind of pattern). It style was kind a like the one She wore in Kotobara, but shorter. At one point they were doing poses (don’t know why, though XD ). Yossi’s last pose was DOSU~N :heart: Oh almost, forgot. Before that Yossi almost stepped on the shopping backs n the stage. It sure was an accident XD

4th outfit was a dress with long sleeves. The color was mainly black/dark blue and it had many stripes on other colors. She wore this one like a minute before She left the stage again...

Her next costume was a long dress, this one. Kyaaaaaaaaa, I wanted to see more stuff with Yossi on that pole!!! Just one pose wasn’t enough... She took a grip on the pole with both hands and lifted Her left leg so the pole was between Her legs :drool: (I’m not 100% sure if She wore this outfit when She did that, though...)

Her 6th outfit was a beige jacket and black skirt. Beautiful!!! I think this was one of my favorite :heart: (Although I liked all costumes) I just have to say this again: Her legs are long and so :drool: ious. She was sitting on the front stage and I had a perfect view :drool: This scene had some kind of flashback (the main scene was with Yossi and Makoto). I think Yossi was telling to Makoto something that had happened earlier. The flashback was with Yossi and some man. Stupid man didn’t approve Yossi’s flirting...

7th outfit was the flower dress She wore in promotion and on the poster. The dress looked even better on stage :heart: My grin became even more bigger during this scene :grin: This was Yossi’s “doki doki scene” XD Nothing too big even though there were bed XD The man was just pretty close on Yossi (he was for example touching Her shoulders) :hohoho: The scene ended just before they kissed (or it looked like they were going to do that). I kind a wanted to see more :fear: But I don’t think the man needed to walk off the stage his hand on Yossi’s shoulders ‘cos next scene was already starting on the other side of the stage and their side was already dark...

Next: beige jacket with purple skirt. She was so pretty sitting there with the ball. Not much happening. Mainly talking.

9th outfit was the same as the first one. She also wore this one in the curtain call.

The play was over too soon, although it lasted two hours XD When the actors came to the curtain call, Yossi got the loudest applauds ^_^ But Rika fans “corrected the mistake” during introduction. After the introduction the actors left the stage but came back soon. At this point the audience stood up and I was so happy about my height XD I was still able to see Her :heart:

They left the stage again and a lady became to give announcement or something. The audience was still standing and giving applauds. Aaaaand finally everyone entered the stage again. I was sure Yossi was waving to me ^_^ But I was too shocked to wave back :cry: I was also able to hear Yossi calls ^_^ I was too shy to shout....

I think Yossi did very good job as rich clamorous girl. And yes, She WAS Sayuri. She showed how She can be whatever She wants to :heart:
I just kept staring Her when She was on the stage. She was mostly on my side of the stage which made me happy ^_^

But there wasn’t enough of Her... It felt like Her scenes were shorter and when She wasn’t on the stage the scenes were so long... Everytime She wasn’t on the stage I kept missing Her and hoping She would come back... And when She left the stage for the last time I didn’t want Her to go... I wanted to take Her with me XD

After the play was over I wanted to buy the Live sets but the queue was really long... And we were soooo tired and hungry... So we decided to go back to the hotel. But before that we just had to took photos outside the building XD This was definitely the best day of my life :heart:


My seat was on row 13 seat 5. My little sister sat next to me and my big sister sat on row 12 seat 25.


Tokyo May 17th-23rd

So, I'm going to go to Japan 16th day.
And I will arrive to Japan 17th day, and leave 23rd.
I'm soooooo excited!!!
I still can't believe I will see Her!!!

Sayonara, see you again, bye bye, cha cha~!!!!


Tokyo Alice VI

OMG I want to go to see this already!!!!
This play will definitely kill me, but I don't care. At least I'll die happy and I was able to see Her xD

Beige jacket + purple skirt <3

Two (or three if the flower dress is the one She wore in the promotion) outfits seen.

Also today Tsuji, Mai, Ayaka and Korenga went to see the play.
YAM and Rika went to eat after it <3
God, I love YAM <3

LOL. I never thought people would read my blog xD
But thanks for commenting.
I'm just crazy Yossi-fangirl <3


Sayuri's outfits

According to wotas Sayuri's (Yossi's) clothes in the play are
1. Green dress
2. Red knit + black and white skirt
3. White dress
4. Dress (color wasn't mentioned)
5. Long dress
6. Beige jacket + black skirt
7. Dress with flower print
8. Beige jacket + purple skirt
9. Curtain call: same as the first outfit

So this is the green dress:

Want to see the rest toooooooo <3


Tokyo Alice goods + new hair

OMG prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

And here's the goods.
I want everything that has Yossi's face on itttttttt!!!
Legs!!!!! <3


Two years ago...

...my MoMusu fandom fated.
...I was sure I wouldn't be able to see Her anymore.

Happy 2nd anniversary, Yossi!!!
Hopefully there will be a lot of work for you in the future <3


Radio show 090427

Yossi went to radio show with Rika.
A huuuuuge credit to meggy @ HH for translating this <3

-Yossy said that she can take an hour long bath (with 42-43 degree of hot water) and watching DVD or reading magazines during her bath.

-Off day activity. Yossy will go to visit and stay with relatives in Chiba.

-For the idol of yearning. Yossy said Disney's Cinderella. Wanted to become the beautiful foreigner (Cinderella) in the parade.

-Was popular in school? Yossy said she used to received Chocolate with letters from girls because she was in all girls' school.

-Wanted to quit enterainment world?
Yossy said VERY OFTEN. Felt not right, but she really enjoys lives, then this quiting idea will be gone.

-What do you want the other to improve?
Yossy: It's easy to tell how Rika's emotion because she ofter shows on her face, such as hungey or sleepy, just like a little kid. (Rika said that she did notice that herself. If she is happy, she is very talkative, otehrwises, she is quiet.)
Rika: Yossy tends to speak like an old man. In fact, she is such a beauty. (Yossy said her parents often complain her instant reaction toward food. For example, Yossy: Ume~~~ Yossy's Mom: It's not "Ume". It should be "Oishii" )

-What make your emotion go up?
Yossy: Electoics appliance store, cellphone, Music related, and Personal computer shop.
*Imagines Yossi taking a long bath* *_____*
There's better be lives in the future too!!! Otherwise I'm getting scared that She will quit...
Yossi+cellphones+computers=hot in the weird way xD
I'm sure Yossi's pround about the fact She was, and still is, popular with girls xD
She goes to Her relatives or "relatives" in Chiba :fear:

I really really hope She will never change. I just love how She is <3