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TV schedule 2

Yossi's TV appearances:

08/10/31 Disney Time TV Tokyo 07:30-08:00
Doremifa don Fuji TV 19:00-20:54
08/11/07 Disney Time TV Tokyo 07:30-08:00

08/11/11 Einstein no me BS-hi (NHK) 25:25-26:25

And some fans are "saying" Yossi is on Daitan MAP some day.

Doremifa don preview

Disney Time preview


Random rant

Do you know how irritating it is to know where you could get more Yossi goodies but not being able to download them...

First I found links for Gariben that hasn't been uploaded in any other place I know. But those damn links aren't working >____________<#

Then I found links for a Kojima fanrecs (the event Yossi was talking in, see last post) but you need a password to get those...

I need more Yossi T______T
And I hope Rika wouldn't use her "nose voice" in Romantic Violence... (But Yossi sounds so good that it doesn't really matter xD )



She's blonde again

Yossi's blonde again ^^

The pic is from here.
Yossi was talking in some kind of motorboat race yesterday (October 26th). Apparently She sang I WISH...


Mr. Moonlight <3

The real and the only Mr. Moonlight:
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Damn I want the full song... This is GREAD!!!! If I'm not able to get hANGRY & ANGRY mini album I will be so pissed >___________<

Now when I think about this "unit", I realize it's almost like GAM (to me, at least).
Both groups are often seen as a real couple. Both has this girl x girl feeling.
And I only care about the half of the both units xD

But since hANGRY is Yossi and I LOVE this music, I like hANGRY & ANGRY more ^^


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OMFG!!!! *dies*


The Beauty *_________*

Arashi no Shukudai kun (081020)
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And by the way if someone get lost here you can as well download yesterday's Zettai! xD


Good bye H!P

So I woke up today and read that Elder Club will graduate from Hello! Project on March 31st next year...

SH*T!!!! I only care about Yossi and Miki right now... I hope they will continue performing and so on...

They are not idol anymore, that's what people say. Maybe that's good. They don't have to be worried about their idol images. But will that also mean that I must say good bye to my Yossi PB hopes...?

And how about Gatas Brilhates H.P? Will they still continue playing? Will they just remote "H.P" from their name? Or use only "Gatas"? Yossi, Miki and everyone else has said how much they love Gatas, how it's important thing in their lifes. I just hope it won't be taken away from them...

Well one thing is sure. After March 31st I won't be a H!P fan anymore. *cries*


Damn you, Mickey...

I wanted to get same kind of watch than Yossi has.
But I don't want it anymore since it's Mickey Mouse watch. And I hate him xDD
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It's cute and all that She has that kind of watch, though.

When you think about it... Doesn't "Mickey" sound like "Miki"...? LOL


Yossi on TV

New preview pic of Gariben:

Arashi no Shukudai kun
Damn She's beautiful *___________*

I'm not still 100% sure if this will be out on October 20th or 27th...
But since it's in paper now, I guess it will be broadcast October 20th xD

Just checked, and looks like it will be broadcasted on October 20th xD


About last Gariben:
Noooooooooooooo!!! Yossi, you're not allowed to wear a top under that shirt xD
And poor-Yossi.... She didn't recognise a song "Olivia wo Kikinagara". Her stage play was based on that song LOL


Okay.... I not sure what exactly is going on but looks like Rika is in some kind of "trouble"...
Some wotas seems to be angry to her... What I have understood she was drinking late with a man(?). Or something like that...



Hangry & Angry thing is GREAT!!! I love it (even if Rika’s part of it and I have started to dislike her lately).

But Yossi!!!! OMG!!!! This is the music I have been wanting Her to do. She looks sooooooooo good in those clothes :drool:

And I think She likes to do this kind of music too.

- Well, She has said many times that She likes rock. She even said that She wants to sing something like xjapan.
- She has been wearing pretty rockish clothes: skulls and stuff like that. And how can you forgot the London Hearts :drool:
- And She said on Her solo Dinner Show that She wants to surprise everyone!!!
So I’m assuming She already knew about this back then.

And for those how are wondering why Yossi wasn’t in the h.NAOTO fashion show: She had Her Dinner Show at the same time. Maybe that’s the reason.


Just something I read on some forums...

According to fanreports Makoto and Rika went to see Ayaya’s stage play. (Or was it Erika’s play O_o)

Makoto said she went to karaoke with Rika (and Tsuji).

Just one question: Where was Yossi?







With Miki, maybe? :fear:



OMG Yossi.
Kill me, Kiss me *____________*


TV schedule

08/10/16 Kinkon Hills TV Tokyo 18:30-19:00
Disney Time TV Tokyo 07:30-08:00
Gariben TV Asahi 19:00-20:00
Zettai! Furusato Shugi NHK 13:00-15:00

This one is not confirmed:
08/10/27 Arashi no Shukudai kun Nippon TV 23:58-24:30

And here's a preview pic of Gariben:

I would trust on Disney Time, since it has been listed to Yossi 3-4 times already and She hasn't been in it any of those times......


Waiting for Gariben

I don't know where those awesome Japanese fans find these pics of Yossi's clothes, but suddenly I'm waiting for Saturday more than before xD


Gariben 080913

Ah, isn't She beautiful <3

Eh... Someone noticed a monitor (the one that show the guests)

See something interesting? xD

Still staring

I can't blame him. I'm staring too.

Okay, now I really wanna know what he's thinking.

Someone is jealous to his "girlfriend"? I know how you are feeling. I would like to be able to touch The Beauty whenever I want, too.


Cutest thing ever

Yossi + kids = overwhelming cuteness <3



So, I have a blog now. Why? I don't know xD
But I hope this will be the place where I can just talk about random things. I just want to make this my place, where I can write what I think and sometimes rant about stupid things xD

Maybe I should tell something about myself then. Well, I use name "samidare" in here, but I'm also known as MyDearYossi or mdy in some places.
I love Yoshizawa Hitomi and most of my "random things" will be about her. I also love Yomiki and Ayumi Hamasaki. I like Fujimoto Miki and many j-pop artists (Aya Kamiki, Ai Otsuka, OLIVIA, BoA, Younha, Ongaku Gatas, H!P and so on...).
My English is not that good 'cos I refused to study it for a long time. But I hope I will become better x)

Why "everlasting dream"? Well, I was thinking some kind of name for my blog and remembered that Ayu has a song called "everlastin dream". It sounded nice and I noticed that the lyrics are also pretty good: "kimini,ageru / yumeno hakowo / kienai yumewo / kienai yumewo"

So, that everything about me for now. I don't really expect anyone to read this anyway xD