12/05/31 School Nine

Yossy's so tiny <3

I didn't even unterstand what they were talking about but I still enjoyed it~
Love them teasing each other like a real sister and brothers (or just really good friends xD)
Song contest \o/ So funny~
I hope they can do a rematch soon~

And I think this is the first time I hear them (or anyone) talking about Yossy's manager by name.

No Ustream.... Or at least it didn't work for me....


Schedule update

12/05/31 SCHOOL NINE JFN 21:00-21:55
12/06/01 Oto Ryu ~On Ryu~ TV Tokyo 27:15-27:45 (ABCHO)
12/06/02 Young Town MBS 22:00-23:30
12/06/04 OTOBOKE Bar TOKYO MX 23:00-23:30 (ABCHO)
12/06/04 Anison Plus TV Tokyo 27:15-27:45 (ABCHO) *new*

Anison Plus seems to be "backstage" from Sengoku Collection event

You can watch SCHOOL NINE on Ustream???
Like actually watch? Not just hear?
Oh pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, how I hope there will be a video.
Not just hear but see Yossy interact with Her "big brothers" again would be awesome.




Gatas practise 12/04/18 [part 3]

Did I alreade say how much I hate those kids?
Why did they have to come on the day Yossy was there....... The cameraman is only interested in them dammit.

OTOBOKE Bar preview

Yossy kakkoii~!

Everything looked really great untill 0:40................
That's OLD already...... Not even funny anymore.

Weekly Playboy (preview)

Yossy <3

I can't find this magazine....
And if I could I'm pretty sure it's one of those "adult items" which are not shipped overseas.....

New regular TV-show~

Looks like Yossy got another regular TV-show~
And this time it's about biking.


"Yu! Style ~Hajimeyou!! Jitensha Life~"
The show will start in July (and according to 2ch, there will be 6 episodes).
And it airs on Hikari TV, which seems to be internet channel.


12/05/27 i-BAN

Public live broadcast

And if you still doesn't know:
galaxxxy is a clothing brand which "supports" ABCHO.
So yeah, they do wear their clothes.
It's simple: as they promote ABCHO and Sengoku Collection, they also promote galaxxxy as the same time.
I still know this will start that "ooooo they wear same clothes" thing again......


Dunno if this is exact quote about what Yossy said
But if it is, then She basically said that She want to get marry in three years before She's 30.

I kind a want Her to get married and be happy of course~
But ONLY if She still keeps working in music/entertainment industry xD


Weekly PlayBoy

ABCHO's special interview in Weekly PlayBoy

To be released on Monday.

12/05/26 Chocchotsu ♪CHOP Party

Yossy's smile *________________*

Me wo Tojite Gyushiyo
Kuusou Discotheque
MM medley (Peace / Happy Summer Wedding / Mr Moonlight / Peace)
Me wo Tojite Gyushiyo

Yossy wasn't wearing any make up in the rehearsal <3


Yossy wore this in the rehearsal


12/05/25 Happy Music

Aaaaaah!!!!! Why are you so awesome, Yossy!!!!
Making me fall in love over and over again <3 < 3 <3

The "modeling" at the beginning <3
Soooooooooo cute~ And in some weird way sexy xD

The performance!!! Liked it!!!
Yossy looked so cooooooooooooooool and prettyyyyyyyyy and beautifuuuuuuuuul!!!
Made me even forget there were someone else on the stage too <3

Just look at Her~~~!
How can someone be so awesome~


Kawagoe? 12/05/25

Yossy was in Kawagoe today?

From 2ch:

今、川越に元モー娘。のよっすぃーと我が家の杉山くんいるらしい( ^o^ )

Why couldn't you be there at the same time as me, Yossy xD


12/05/24 Nico Nico Live

Yossy~ <3

Rika should really learn to be quiet when it's someone else's turn to be in focus.......
Gaaaah, these ABCHO appearances makes me hate her even more......


12/05/23 Joshi Ryoku cafe ~Aisukurisu~


The PV!!!
It's Ok..... Not great... Not even close as great as TOP SECRET....
I could skip half of it xD
And here comes the biggest complain: why the hell is Rika there when it's Yossy's time to sing in the end???
I can't see her lips moving...... Not fair!!!!

Yaguchi's wedding reception [2]

Yossy's dress!!!! She looks gorgeous!!!
Revealing something but not too much~ <3
Unlike someone else's dress......

Schedule update

12/05/23 Joshi Ryoku cafe ~Aisukurisu~ AmebaStudio/Ustream 22:00-23:00 (ABCHO)
12/05/24 Nico Nico LIVE NicoNico 18:00-19:00 (ABCHO)
12/05/25 Happy Music Nippon TV 25:08-26:03 (ABCHO)
12/05/27 ~IDOL SHOWCASE~ i-BAN NACK5 18:00-18:35 (ABCHO)
12/05/31 SCHOOL NINE JFN 21:00-21:55 *new*
12/06/01 Oto Ryu ~On Ryu~ TV Tokyo 27:15-27:45 (ABCHO) *new*
12/06/02 Young Town MBS 22:00-23:30 *new*
12/06/04 OTOBOKE Bar TOKYO MX 23:00-23:30 (ABCHO) *new*


Oh, I was just yesterday wondering how I would like to see/hear Yossy with Total Ten Boss again xD
And now She's going to SCHOOL NINE~

As much as I do enjoy ABCHO getting all these appearances I still prefer Yossy going alone.....

Miki's blog 12/05/23

Aaaa.... I can't see Yossy clothes......
I want to know what She was wearing xD


From some random person blog

Aaaa, why so LQ.....
But Yossy's dress looks really, I mean really, short *___________*
Even if the pic is so LQ you can tell that Yossy looks really pretty~

So looks like they are standing in generation order. From left to right:
Yuko, Iida, Abe, Ishiguro?, Yasuda, Rika, Yossy, Tsuji, Takahashi, Makoto, Risa, Miki, Sayumi, Reina, Koharu.

Again I have no idea what was Reina thinking..... That's not something you should wear in wedding reception, IMO.....


Yaguchi's wedding reception

Yossy attended to Yaguchi's wedding reception today (5/22) with Miki, Yuko, Tsuji, Yasuda and many more H!P/OG members.

OG also sang "Happy Summer Wedding" to Yaguchi and her husband <3

Congratulations, Marippe~

PV caps and shops

Promotion in shops

And looks like the PV is out already~
http://t2.pixhost.org/show/3665/12309923_abcho02.jpg http://t2.pixhost.org/show/3665/12309924_abcho03.jpg
So awesome, Yossy~~~


12/05/21 Music-Ru TV

How can you be so pretty and cool, Yossy? <3
You don't need that guy's fandom. He doesn't know what he's missing <3

Yossy wants to marry a strong person.
I'm pretty strong xD

My only wish is that Rika would STFU.


ABCHO with the band members