Appearances III

08/12/27 Gariben TV Asahi 19:00-20:54
08/12/28 Otona no Nou Chikara Training TV Asahi 18:00-18:56
08/12/28 Konya Housou! plaplaaplaa SP Nippon TV 24:45-
08/12/28 King of the Kings Touitsu in Kobe Yomiuri TV 18:25-19:50
09/01/02 Nanbo DE Nanbo New Year SP Kansai TV 13:25-14:55
09/01/04 Inaka ni Tomarou! New Year SP TV Tokyo 20:00-22:48

08/12/21 Mix Dinner Show (with Mai and Rika)
08/12/23 King of the Kings Kick boxing Tournament (guest/interviewer)
09/02/08 Casual Dinner Show (x2)
09/02/15 STB139 (x2)
09/02/16 STB139


Last time Yossi had solo CDS and STB She played guitar... So... Will She this time sing a song She has wrote Herself...?? I really hope She does *_________*


Mai's blog 081216

This is why I love when Yossi's friends have blogs: They can post Yossi's pics xD

I just love this pic <3
She looks pretty even if She's not wearing make up *________*

Simply beautiful.


OnGatas Concert Tour '08 III

Yokohama BLITZ 081214 (noon and evening)
-Risa, Linlin and Sayumi went to see the noon concert. Also some people mentioned that Eri was there too (evening concert, maybe...)
-Apparently Yossi's little brother was watching the concert too (not sure about the rest of the family)
-Yossi and Sayu sent flying kisses to each other (???)
-This time Yossi seemed to have cramp on leg before encore...
-During Eggs' MC Yossi appeared too. They were asked where they would like to travel. Sawada --> Korea (with Yossi), Korenaga --> Brazil (with Yossi), Sengoku --> Sendai, Noto --> Hokkaido (with Yossi, Mai and Konno. After Korenaga mentioned Rika, Noto invited her too. I still hate Noto but I give her one point 'cos her answer xD)
-YoshiSato MC (noon concert): Yossi mentioned that when She was getting back home from Osaka on shinkansen some older man asked Her manager if Yossi was Ayumi Hamasaki xD

Seriously, sometimes Yossi and Ayu just look like each other xD Especially when Yossi had short blond hair (Olivia wo kikinagara hair). And I think the older man's question was compliment, to both Yossi and Ayu <3
The way Yossi imitated Her manager's comment is funny xD

I really hope this concert will be on DVD...


h&A live @ Shibuya CC Lemon Hall

Hangry&angry performed in CC Lemon Hall 08/11/28
And now the video is posted on their MySpace.

Hangry is just sooooooooo awesome!!! I love Her so much. She looks great and keeps entertaining people and interacting with the audience.

The way She moves, sings and looks is just so cool *____*

I should be writing my degree work...

OnGatas concert pics

FINALLY!!!! Small pics, but it's better than nothing.

Oh god, She look so hot and cool and beautiful and perfect *_________*

The encore outfit looks a little bit weird right now, but the rest are just :drool:
I especially like the black one *____*


The way you look at me


Why I don't remember seeing this pic before O_O


OnGatas Concert Tour '08 II

Few words about the concert (based on fanrec):
-Kanashimi Twilight is The Highlight of the concert!!!! And yes, it's almost Yossi's solo! Whuuu!! I love audience's reaction when Kanashimi Twilight starts. Yossi sound great and Sengoku and Sawada aren't bad either ^_^
-How Do You Like Japan sounds great. Almost better than Morning Curry concert version.
-I'm happy they didn't give solo lines anyone else than Yossi and Mai in Seishun no Custard xD
-Want to see Aisaretai Aisaretai. Yossi's solo lines :rock: :hear:
-Rika's annoying and I still think there's too much her on the concert -______-
-I wanted to hear Yossi's "Hey, let's have a dance" in Roman...
-Yossi fan(girl)s in the audience xD Don't know why it's so funny/exciting to hear their voices xD Of cource I hope I could be there screaming Her name with them...
-The Eggs sound better than last time. Or maybe it's because the worst Egg has left xD
-Overal the concert sounds great ^_^

Now I want to see pics... Why there aren't any pics yet... -_______-

IF I have got it right, the outfits sound hot... Well, Yossi's outfits sound hot xD
The first costume seems to be orange cheerleader outfit with blue "G" on it + black boots :drool:
Second (from Kanashimi ~>) is black jacket (?), golden shots (?) and black boots. Aaaa wanna know/see >____<
Third (Nature is Good ~>) is similar with Kara Genki from last concert. Color is red and gold.
Encore costume might be T-shirt and orange miniskirt. And She tied Her hair for the encore :heart:
I'm so not sure about the costumes, though... Need pics!!!


OnGatas Concert Tour '08

It finally started!!!

1.Come Together
2.Seishun no Custard
3. Aisaretai, Aisaretai
5. Chikyuu to Tsuki Kare to Watashi- Ishikawa, Konno, Sawada, Sengoku
MC - Sengoku, Sawada, Noto, Korenaga
6.Amai Yuuwaku - Satoda, Korenaga, Noto
7.Kanashimi Twilight - Yoshizawa, Sengoku, Sawada
8.Iroppoi Onna ~Sexy Baby~ - Ishikawa, Konno
9.Ooki ni. Machibata Kara
MC - Ishikawa, Konno
10.Kiss Shiyou - Ishikawa, Konno
11.Koi Uranai Toori ni wa Naranai wa - Sawada, Noto, then Korenaga, Sengoku,
12.Kara Genki - Yoshizawa, Satoda, Konno, Ishikawa
13.Dakishimete Namida
MC - Yoshizawa, Satoda
14.Senpai ~Love Again~ - Satoda, Konno
15.Nature is Good - Yoshizawa, Korenaga, Sawada, Sengoku, Noto, Ishikawa
16.Roman ~My Dear Boy (without Mai...???)
17.Saa, Sassoku Moriagete Ikou ka~!!
18.Osaki ni Sunzurei
19. Yattarouze!

20.Narihajimeta Koi no Bell

-Overal the setlist looks great
-Kanashimi Twilight!!!!!!!! And if I have understood right, it's mostly Yossi singing and those Eggs dancing!!! And thanks god they picked two my favorite eggs to this
-Also Seishun no Custard might be mainly Yossi+Mai singing and rest dancing
-I see Rika's name too many times...
-Why is Rika and Konno, two worst singers, paired so many times? It can be good too: when (no "if", this has to be on DVD) the DVD comes out I can skip them xD
-Not enough Yossi (but I say this every time, so yeah... xD)

Now I want pics!!! And fanrec!!
Oh, and Yossi had nosebleed during the concert (I think it happened backstage but i'm not sure)... I hate nosebleed on public place -_- Does Her nose bleed when She has flu like mine does...
Or did She look in the mirror and noticed how hot She is xD


TV Magazine scans

Scans from some TV magazines

Why it can't be Saturday already


Sleeping Beauty

According to Satoda, Yossi has sleeping face like an angel. And she takes photos of Her with her phone when She's sleeping (?) <3

Damn these two make me love them more and more every day <3
I just love and adore their friendship. They make fun of each other and you can really see how much they still love one another. Of course you can't forget Ayaka but sadly they won't work together anymore...
I hope YoshiSato will have another FC tour next year and there will be DVD too. I really really like the previous two DVDs. In the last one Yossi was just so damn cute <3

Of course it would be even better if there was Yomiki FC tour, but I doubt it... I'm 99,9% sure there will never be a FC tour like that... And it makes me sad...
Well, Miki's really lucky to see the sleeping face like angel every night xD
Now I want to hear how Miki looks when she's sleeping xD (eh... wait... did I already hear something about it... O_O Don't remember xD)



When I saw this I was grinning and drooling at the same time xD And I'm still doing that xD
I can't help it, She just has that kind of effect to me.

But seriously, I never ever thought She would be in this kind of magazine xD I even find a link where you can try to get the magazine xD

*waits next Saturday so one can see Yossi surfing*