WTF moments II + pointless opinion

“MM must be in Kouhaku”
“Ooooooh I hope they will be in”
“I want they sing thisthatthis”
“I hope only MM goes, no OG please”

Announcement: No MM/Berryz/Cute in Kouhaku

“Kouhaku is overrated”
“Good, now we don’t have to see Love Machine/RR21/Peace again”
“Thanks god, now they don’t have to embarrass themselves”
“Kouhaku is bad/boring/stupid anyway”

You don’t have to be smart to know what kind of reactions there would have been if the announcement was opposite.

Yes... WTF indeed. Make up your minds already >__>

And other thing:

It’s pretty obvious that MM = Takahashi
If you like her that’s great, then you most likely like MM.
But if you are like me and don’t like her.... Well, it’s so damn hard to like MM either.
I admit my interest to MM was pretty low after Yomiki graduated. But I still tried to like MM, as a group. Now they are not group anymore... They are one member feat. 8 other members... And that one member is one of those I dislike the most...
Also since MM isn’t invited in music shows anymore (etc. Utaban, Music Station), it has to be something to do with MM.
And since MM = Takahashi... Well, think yourself.

But this is only a stressed and tired person’s pointless opinion


Appearances II

08/11/25 Million Kazoku TV Tokyo 19:00-21:00
08/11/25 Tere Asobi Pafoo! NHK 24:10-24:40
08/11/28 Ikkakusenki!
Nippon Roulette Fuji TV 21:55-21:52
08/11/30 League Espanol WOWOW 05:50-08:15
08/12/06 Sekai Dangan Toreberaa (Hawaii) Nippon TV 23:30-23:55
08/12/13 Sekai Dangan Toreberaa (Hawaii) Nippon TV 23:30-23:55

08/12/28 King of Kings Touitsu in Kobe Yomiuri TV 25:25-26:50

King of Kings Touitsu in
Kobe is broadcasted from Kick Boxing Tournament (08/12/23) where Yossi will be guest/interviewer.

Some people are saying that Yossi will surf in Hawaii *______*
I really hope She will :drool: And I hope She will wear bikini top and shorts :faints:

Cure magazine

Yay, for English translations!!!
Some interesting parts:
"-Punk rock is known as a genre of music that's all about rebellion, but how does it feel to sing this kind of music?
HANGRY: I simply felt it was cool. I've liked punk all along and I had the desire to sing this kind of music, I couldn't wait to get the chance to finally do it."

And I have been waiting for to hear Her to sing this kind of music <3

"-ANGRY, as you weren't very familiar with this kind of music, did you do anything in particular to try to immerse yourself in it?
First I tried to look the part. Basically, rock has a "black" image, so whenever I went in for recording I would purposely choose black clothes to wear.
HANGRY: You did that? I had no idea. You were acting like a rocker?"

They didn't go to the recording together...? I'm kind a disappointed... And see, they don't know everything about each other, shokku xD

"HANGRY: I want to work on our next release soon too."

YES, PLZ *_______________________*


My WTF moments

According to some people:

GAM + kiss/grope + lesbian image --> fake, this just shows their relationships can’t have anything romantic

Ishiyoshi + “kiss”/grope + lesbian image (yes, we all know it’s like that) --> omg so true!! This just shows there have to be something romantic/deeper in their relationship!!

And when those are the same persons who say this, it’s just give me this WTF feeling -_-

Yes, I know Miki has/had "bf". But according to rumors so have/had Aya, Rika and even Yossi.
I know rumors are just rumors (yes, even if you got Friday'ed), but what ever.



Thanks to whoever took this pic.
She's so cooooooool <3


TV appearance ranking 2008 (idols/talents)

Prime time broadcast (from ~19:00 to ~22:00)
#1 Satoda Mai - 58 programs (47,2%) - 81 hours 18 minutes (58,2%)
#4 Yaguchi Mari – 44 programs (34,9%) - 60 h 42 min (50,2%)
#12 Yoshizawa Hitomi – 22 programs
(62,9%) - 34 h 08 min (74,6%)
#44 Fujimoto Miki – 9 programs - 13 h 45 min

All broadcast times

#5 Satoda Mai – 123 programs -139 h 46 min
#10 Yaguchi Mari – 126 programs - 120 h 50 min
#37 Matsuura Aya – 41 programs - 49 h 06 min
#43 Yoshizawa Hitomi – 35 programs - 45 h 47 min

#91 Berryz Koubou – 127 programs - 20 h 17 min

So, when Yossi is on TV She useally is on Prime time shows xD



My Hello! Project

Everything started with Minimoni and Yaguchi. Then I saw Yossi and She has been my favorite ever since.

But what about some of the other members.

Well, actually I didn’t like Miki first..... I don’t know... She just didn’t make me like her. Then I saw her interacting with Yossi and she pretty fast became one of my favorites. Later I liked her as herself. She didn’t have to me part of Yomiki anymore to make me like her.

I didn’t like Yuko or Yasuda either. But now I have realised how great they actually are. They can both sing and they are so damn hilarious. And seems like the older Yuko becomes the better she looks.

I listed Takahashi to one of my favorites before... I thought she was great singer (which she is, if you happen to like her voice), but that was all. Now I dislike her almost as much as Koharu.

Almost the same happened with Rika. I liked her, a lot. But now... I don’t want to hate her, but sometimes I feel like I dislike her more and more every time I see her. Maybe that’s the reason I just try to ignore her xD

I have been thinking why this “from liking to hating” -thing happened. Maybe because I always got tired to them (Takahashi, Rika) being in front. But funny thing is that this didn’t happen with Abe or Maki... Other reason might be the fans... I know it’s stupid reason, but if I didn’t like English because of the teachers I had, it can be possible. I know I’m like them when I praise Yossi the same way they praise their favorites. But I don’t try to make people like Her. Sometimes I just have a feeling that these other fans are like “whaaaaaaaaaaat you don’t like XX!!! omg why!!! She’s great. And her voice is amazing”. You just can’t please everyone... It’s that simple. That’s why I like Hitomi Heaven. It’s a place where I can praise, adore and worship Yossi and I don’t have to feel bad about not liking that much other H!P members.

What scares me the most is that I have realised my Ishiyoshi “fandom” keeps fating a little at the same time my dislike to Rika grows... Dunno... Maybe the main reason for this is again some of the fans... Those how have to bash other fandoms to make their favorite pair look better and more real... Or is it just the fact that I dislike the other part more and more... But thanks god I still know some more broad-minded 1444 fans and I love Yossi more and more every day, so maybe I have hope LOL

Don’t get me wrong. I still LIKE Ishiyoshi. I really do. Not just as much as before. Right now I actually like hANGRY&ANGRY more xD But if Yossi and Rika will announcement they are real couple some day I’ll be more than happy x)

When Elders graduate from H!P there’s no one left I really deeply like... But I'm pretty sure I'll check what's going on with them sometimes. Just like I still check occasionally what MM have been doing after Yomiki's graduation (only because of Eri, thought).



08/11/11 Einstein no Me BS-hi 25:25-26:25
08/11/13 Einstein no Me BS-hi 8:00-8:44 *
08/11/15 Einstein no Me BS-hi 12:00-12:44 *
08/11/22 Gariben TV Asahi 19:00-19:57
08/11/25 Million Kazoku TV Tokyo 19:00-19:56 **
08/11/28 Ikkakusenkin! Nippon Rulette Fuji TV 21:55-22:52 **
08/11/xx Daitan MAP TV Asahi 19:00-19:58

08/11/22-23 Yamada Electric Event "Kaden Fair 2008" (mini talk & live show)
08/11/29 Saitama Agricultural Fair

Not sure if these are reruns or not
** Not 100% sure about the date (Haven't seen confirmation)


kmkm PV

I can see why someone doesn’t like Yossi on KMKM PV. She does look kind a funny and crazy for time to time.

Me? I really like it!!! At least She took some risk (while someone else was pretty “safe” during the whole PV... And didn’t even try to look like she was playing the guitar, dammit xD).

Same thing with Yossi’s hair sometimes: it might be crazy but at least it’s different. I might not always like Her hair but at the same time I’m happy She does something different.

That is one thing I love about Her so much <3


Fashion check

Yes, I actually went to Glad News online shop and did a quick research.

Gakkou dewa Oshietekurenai Sokontokoro 080523

Marumie 080629

Gariben 080705

YamawakeQ 081007

Gariben 081011

Gariben 081018

Zettai! Furusato Shugi 081019

Arashi no Shukudai-kun 081020

Disney Time 081024/081031/081107

Doremifa Don 081104
Free File Hosting at FileHive.com

Seriously, She's like walking GN billboard xD
Make Her really model those clothes *___*

To be continued...?


081104 Doremifa don

The show just ended. Whiiiiiiiiii for Yossi's LOVE Machine "solo".
I don't have good screencap (yet), but Yossi was wearing this with red pants x)

Again it's from Glad News. When I finally go to Japan I'll spend two days in Shibuya109 and hope I will be able to see Yossi xD


Holy S***

Give me the PV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told you, they are the next GAM xD


hangry06b.jpg - image uploaded to Picamatichangry06.jpg - image uploaded to Picamatic
hangryangry10.jpg - Picamatic - upload your images
hangryangry11.jpg - image uploaded to Picamatichangryangry12.jpg - image uploaded to Picamatic

Hangry *_____* Sorry, Rika but could you just change your expression just once xD


My lovely flat

I live in my own apartment right now. I have been living here from last August (although I had to pay rent from May...) I know it tiny, but as long as I have my Yossis, laptop+internet and bed it’s alright, plus I don’t have roommates, yay!!! I already got tired of them xD They, for example, used my stuff without permission -_-

This is where I sleep:

Ayu <3

And in this corner I spend most of my time

Yossi <3

I still want few more big Yossi pic to my wall but I don't know if I ever will print more because I will move out in the end of January xD
Maybe I do that in my new apartment xD

Hangry&Angry promotion

Hangry&Angry is promoted in Harajuku.
Some fanpics from the billboards:

I want these on my wall :drool:


New Fanclubs

So H!P fanclub will be split into four after The Graduation: mmOG, Melon Kinenbi, Aya and H!P.
Good, good.
But there's something interesting in this pic:

Why Rika has two pics? Why Yossi, Mai and Konno doesn't have separate pics but Rika has?
I wouldn't be surprised if Rika goes to solo. Actually, I thought she would already have released her solo single. UF* seems to love her, and fans would definitely buy anything she does.

Anyway, can I now start to wish Morning Musume OG tours? *_____________*