10/07/30 Summer Festival

Yossy participated to some festival today.

Apparently She sang:
Love Machine
Amairo no Kami no Otome
Sexy Boy
The Peace


Not sure if this is official yet, but
Yossy's gonna have Solo Live at STB139 on Oct 9th

I really really really really want to go....
And I will if 1) I get the tickets 2) I get few free days from work and 3) my sister can go with me xD


Random note:
Last night there was pretty strong thunder in here....
The wind was so strong that BIG trees crashed to the ground.
I'm on holiday right now so I have been at my mom's place. But because of the storm, there's no electricity in there right now and the phones aren't working... (The whole town is like that...)
So now I'm at my grandmom's place :)
Luckily I took my "back-up" internet with me when I started my holiday xD
It's crappy but at least I have internet.
Yes, I know I was hoping for thunder and rain since it's has been so hot and dry for so long. But this was way too much.


Neo Magazine


Hoping for better scans since the text is so tiny xD


10/07/28 Ichihachi

Okay, I hoped there would have been more Yossy....
But She clearly didn't want to talk about money and where She spends it....
Which is fine. People don't have to know that.

But there were those three (and especially one of them) who kept talk and talk and talk about their shopping etc. Ok, I get it. That was the "theme". But seriously, who needs 400 pairs of shoes???
And more important who cares about those shoes anyway -____-


Japan Festa 2010

WTF?! xD
There's audition for Yossy's back dancers??? xD

Sorry girls, but I'm more interested in the beautiful woman's pic behind you than your dance xD


Pimp xD + Japan Festa

From Sayumi's blog:
C-ute’s Nakasaki, Nakajima Saki-chan♪♪

Lately, she’s been coming straight to Sayumi!

Oh, everyone, she’s cute and I really like her and…

Saki-chan’s grea-aat!↑!(b^ー°)so kyute♪
Her dancing is intense too, and she’s rather Ero♪(//△//)、she’s full of charmヽ(´▽`)/

But she seems lazy…(lol)

“I’m afraid of ghosts so I won’t sleep alone at the hotel!”

What’s this episode? you want to hug someone (lol)


And then, Morning Musume。OG Yoshizawa Hitomi said,
“Well then, you can come to my room (broad grin)”

…That’s scarier than ghosts(lol)

Yossy, I love you xDDDDDDDDDDD
Please, don't ever change LOL


Those who are going: Remember to take maaaaaaaaaany photos and remember to show those to us who can't go too~


Weak point

So looks like Yossy's weak point in Balancers is "a side turn" (or what ever you call it, I call it as "kärrynpyörä xD)

Still not able to see it...........


Yossy didn't appear in Tobidase! today......


10/07/20 Funride + TV update


Credit to meggy again <3


10/07/24 Tobidase! Kagaku-kun
TBS 18:55-19:55
10/07/28 Ichihachi TBS 22:00-22:54
10/07/30 Piramekiino G TV Tokyo 19:00-20:00
10/08/01 Uchikuru?! Fuji TV 12:00-13:00
10/08/06 Piramekiino G TV Tokyo 19:00-20:00

Finally there's a date for Piramekiino!
Hopefully there will be lot of Yossy <3


H!P Concert Tour 2010 + Uchikuru

Not sure if I like the dress or not ^^;
Makes me kind a happy that Yossy's not in H!P anymore xD
But pretty Yossy is beautiful even in not-so-pretty-dress <3
But I think I still prefer this xD


10/08/01 Uchikuru!? Fuji TV 12:00-13:00
Yossy's sooooooo pretty. And I love Her outfit too <3
Can't say same about Rika xD


10/07/18 Okinawa Takarabako Collection

I knew Yossy in Okinawa means something good xD
Yossy singing 10nin Matsuri <3
Being so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute.
Eating tasty food.
Chatting with grandmom <3
And just having a really good time~


10/07/17 Tsukaeru! Idea House + Tobidase!

10/07/17 Tsukaeru! Idea House
Isn't She lovely <3
I love Her blond hair, but I have to say She looks reeeeeeally good with brown too <3


10/07/17 Tobidase! Kagaku-kun


Brown hair

Yossy's back to brown!!!!

Also new event (too lazy to think romaji for this now)
10/08/20 石川梨華&吉澤ひとみのスペシャルイベント~清涼3本勝負でいけないでしょうか?
Some event with Yossy and Rika.


Rock One magazine

Damn, Hangry's cool *_________*

10/07/13 Sukkiri!!!

Yossy's cuuuuuuute.
Sorry old man, but I like Yossy's outfit more than any of those you recommended xD

I'm assuming you have to be in Japan to see the videos in here...
That sucks! Everything that prevents me to get my Yossy dose sucks!!


TV update + Birthday gift

10/07/17 Tsukaeru! Idea House TV Asahi 09:55-10:50 *new*
10/07/17 Tobidase! Kagaku-kun TBS 18:55-19:55
10/07/18 Geinin Choice! Okinawa Takarabako Collection Yomiuri TV 15:00-16:25 *new*
10/07/28 Ichihachi TBS 22:00-22:54

Great, next weekend is Yossy weekend! Too bad I have our family gathering on next weekend too....
Piramekiino's airing date is still unknown.

Oh sorry forgot to post this:
HERE you can see a preview for the Okinawa show (tiny screen)


From Yuko's blog (on July 1oth)
Seems like Yossy bought a tumbler for her on her birthday.
And they are planning to have BBQ T________T
Omg, Yossy + Yuko + BBQ = damn awesome.
And since we are talking about these two, there HAS to be beer xD


Finally xD

Finally it happened.
Almost two months later xD
On May 17th it was announced that Yossy will go to Sidney to run marathon.
And today on "that place" someone finally heard something about it xD
During these months Yossy and Sidney has been mentioned maaaaaaaaany times.
Almost every single article about Her has had some kind of mentioning about it.

Okay, I should not be happy, but I can't help it.
This just proves how great place HH is <3

And to change the subject a little bit:
According to those resent articles, Yossy started to run properly in January 2010 (thanks Cazza <3).
Just five months later She ran half marathon.
That makes Yossy even more awesome!!!!


10/07/10 Tobidase! Kagaku-kun

Let me clean that mud, Yossy *drool*
Next week is the dog episode!
Please don't cry T_________T

10/07/10 Talkshow & Running event

10/07/10 Feel Music Enjoy Running suported by PlayersLine×Joglis
I love love love the first pic <3
So kakkoii~!!!!


10/07/09 Anime + Japan POP

Two Finnish magazines featuring Hangry&Angry

Japan POP
Credit to +u+u

English translations can be found in HH.

I have to say that those articles are not that good xD
I would pay more than 30 euros to see Yossy xDDD (And I actually already did pay more than that xD Twice! xD And planning to do that yet again someday LOL)
And I don't get pocket money xD Never got and pretty sure never will get LOL
I'm assuming these were written by some kid xD Especially the second one.
And took more pics dammit xD