European Tour / London

10/05/25 Signing session
WTF, no one told that She was wearing a different outfit!!!

What's wrong with you people? xD
If you see Yossi, the most important things to tell are:
1. Where you saw Her and what did She do?
2. Outfit
3. Hairstyle
4. Was She with someone? If so, who?
5. Everything else lol

Assuming this lucky guy is part of TokyoToy staff...


10/05/25 Tsunagari Itsumo Fantazy! Garigeru

The Awesome liLcazza translated this and tutu subbed it.
You can watch it HERE

Yossi and Her dad:
So they really had some hard times when Yossi was young...
I'm happy that everything is all right now ^^
I can easily imagine Yossi's dad playing guitar while they drink sake and whisky together xD
While the mom tries to tell Yossi to act more girly, of course xD
Dunno where, but I think I had read that dad plays guitar...

Yossi and Her grandma:
This was so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.
Made me cry T__________T
Makes me miss my own grandma... I really should visit her...
Also Yossi's grandma sounds like a great person xD

The Yoshizawa family is awesome <3

Yossi still lives with Her family O____o
Well, like that She doesn't have to pay a rent (so much) xD


European Tour / Helsinki


Yossi's hair was OMG!!!!!
- Best part during the opening movie (introduction video) was when Tsuji said that you really should not give too much alcohol to Yossi xD
- And yeah, Yossi pointed the mic to us (me, tutu, kim, our sister, and tutu's friend) during The Peace so we could sing (yell) to it \o/
- She also waved to me/us during the show. And of course I/we waved back <3
- During one MC Yossi read a letter She had wrote to us. She said that this was Her first time in Finland and She thinks it's a beautiful place <3 She also said something else I seem not to remember... Maybe something about how She wants to come back and asked us to support them. In the end of Her message She said "Kiitos!" (=Thank you!) <3 The message was in English and I think She spoke it pretty well ^_^ The message was kind a long so I'm sure She said something else too xD
- Did I already mention the eye contact? There were a lot of it!!!! Between me and Yossi of course xD
- Before the show started I tried to see Yossi on the backstage (I was able to see the door very well and it didn't want to be closed xD). AND I SAW HER!!! Once again the door opened and there She was! Standing there, wearing those white clothes She wore when She arrived and left Tavastia and someone was fixing Her hair xD Using LOT of hairspray LOL
But then the bodyguard (or that what I think that guy is) closed the door again...

Here you can see how close the stage was!!!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand here's Yossi (and Rika) leaving Tavastia after the show.
Sorry my hands were shaking really badly xD

Yossi's outfit is ROXY again \o/
Quite expensive style if you ask me...
Shirt: ¥7,245
Pants: ¥6,195

10/05/20 Fun Ride



Thanks to meggy again <3


10/05/24 Helsinki

OMFG!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!! Yossi is AWESOME!!!!!
First row :rock: Yossi was most of the time on our side of the stage :rock: She was like 1 meter away from me!!!!!! Almost touched Her!!!
Yossi looked us soooooooooooooo many time!!!!!
Her smile!!!! :wub:

I also saw Yossi (and yeah Rika too) entering into Tavastia before the show! And we waited till they came back to their car and left after the show.

Yossi's so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! I LOVE HER!!!!!!

Yelled Her name maaaaaaaaany times XD

Yossi's "kiitos" = cute!!!! :heart:

Yes, I know I'm hyper right now XD

European Tour

Top Secret
Sadistic Dance
Mr. Monkey
Romantic ni Violence
GIZA GIZA (crash berlin version)
Shake Me
Lady Madonna
Kill Me Kiss Me

The Peace! (h&A Death Tracks)

Looks so short....
But OMG!!!!! My train to Helsinki leaves in 3 hours!!!
It's raining right now in here... Not sure about Helsinki but the forecast promises rain to Helsinki too...
Well, that was expected since Ame Onna is coming.


European Tour / Berlin

From yesterday's mini live
Part 1
Part 2

I loooooove Yossi so much!!!!
She really wants that everyone has fun.
She's not just singing, She PERFORMS.
She even gave high fives to the people T________T


Forgot to mention this yesterday:
Yossi seemed to sign those no-h&a stuff as "Yoshizawa Hitomi" and not as "Hangry".
I'm sure She did that at least when one person gave Yossui PB to Her xD
Also Yossi was really cute when She started to sign one item and everyone was like "No no no. That's a gift for you!" xD I think it was a card or something :D


European Tour


The mini concert in Berlin ended a while ago.
Now there's signing session going...

Concert list:
Kill me Kiss me
Sadistic Dance
The Peace

Yossi/Hangry's hair was AWESOME!!!!!!

Altough i wanted to get a autograph too...
It's the most amazing feeling when you're standing less than one meter away from Her and She looks in your eyes *_________________*

Is it wrong to be happy because Yossi seemed to get more gifts than Rika? xD

Hagane no Onna

I just had to upload this to YouTube~

First the HOT dance part

And Yossi edit

Love this!!!!!
I just hope there would be a drama about Yossi being a single mom who works as a dancer *drool*


10/05/10 Diver


Thanks to meggy @HH for the scans

Damn.... Still hasn't received my copy..
Stupid FedEx, who try to bring the magazine to me when I'm at work and not even giving me number where to call -________-

10/05/21 Hagane no Onna

I warn you!!!!!
Please, take a deep breath before taking a look to the pics!!!!



*takes a deep breath*

And by the way, I hate and envy that little boy xD

Going to Europe


I still haven't realized that in few days I'm gonna see Yossi again xD


Newest goods

Hahaahahahhahh!!! Got these today!!!
SDC10762.jpg (180 KB)

Look! Look!
SDC10761.jpg (111 KB)
Awesome, isn't it!!!

Thanks to you-know-i'm-talking-about-you


Every Team Needs... Supporters + shopping

Yossi's avatars so far:

She changed the hairs style to the current one at the same time She appeared on Miki's blog with a similar style <3


Shopping with Rika today
I love love love love the way Yossi wears Her glasses <3


Miki's TV show + Garigeru preview

HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!
If I'm not totally wrong Miki's wearing the outfit from the TV show she's hosting!!!
That means that Yossi's gonna be there too~!!!!!
Cutest pair, ever!!!!! <3
I loveeeeeeeeee Yossi's outfit!!! And hair!!!!!



Garigeru, next week preview

Hagane no Onna

Two screencaps from the CMs


Third one

Three different outfits.
So that means Yossi has more than one scene?


Team 10

Yossi to run Sidney marathon in September????????
Looks like "Team 10" has been formed.
They will learn running with Takahashi Naoko.
Sidney marathon is also mentioned in the article, but it's not saying if Yossi is going to take a part in it.
If She will, I know someone who will be veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery happy xD


And by the way, today it has been exactly 1 year since I saw Yossi for real for the first time <3
A year ago I was in Japan for the first time and went to see Tokyo Alice <3


10/05/16 Ogiyahagino Yuyashi Tabi Chikaba Desuka... Naniga?

I love these "location shows" <3
Yossi's so awesome.
Her beauty still, after all these years, amazes me <3