09/09/29 Take me out

Yossi didn't get much screen time (well... There were 30 women and the single man was always in the main focus...)
But She had few moments at the beginning <3
And She looked really pretty <3

Odoru! Sanma Goten -preview pic-

Loving Her top~!!!

09/10/06 Odoru Sanmo Goten Nippon TV 18:56-23:03
09/10/11 Drive A GO GO! Tv Tokyo 18:00-18:30
09/10/17 Tokoro-san no Megaten Nippon TV 17:00-17:30

*still half dead because of hANGRY*



First, TOP SECRET preview
Sounds promising x) I just wish they wouldn't have pic Rika's part...

Then, OMFG NEW PICS!!!!!!!
I f*cking LOVE this pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Because I'm bored

MoMusu Ranking
1. Yossi

2. Miki

3. Mari
4. Maki
5. Tsuji

6. Yuko
7. Kago
8. Kei
9. Abe

10. JunJun
11. Eri
12. Sayu

13. Makoto
14. Kaori
15. Konno

16. Rika
17. Aika
18. Linlin
19. Risa
20. Reina

21. Takahashi
22. Koharu

1: ALWAYS my number ONE
2: <3
3-5: Order changes depending the day
6-9: Same as 3-5 (Kago was before close to Tsuji but I can’t say I love her current image...)
10-12: The little I have seen about JunJun has raised her above Eri. But these three are almost the same to me.
13-15: “Don’t care” group
16-20: “Don’t like” group
21-22: “Hate” group

Not going to list Aya, Asuka and Sayaka since I don’t really know them.

Yes, I'm bored...



09/09/26 Takahashi Naoko no Rarara Run BS-TBS 18:20-19:00 *new* *
09/09/29 Take Me Out TBS 22:00-23:18
09/10/06 Odoru Sanmo Goten Nippon TV 18:56-23:03 *new*
09/10/11 Drive A GO GO! Tv Tokyo 18:00-18:30

09/xx/xx Tokoro-san no Megaten Nippon TV 17:00-17:30

*Seems to be some kind of “collection”... So it might be that there isn’t anything new...

09/10/10 10th Anniversary event (with Tsuji and Rika)
09/10/11 Special Solo live at STB139 ~Autumn Selection~
09/10/17 Special Solo live at Gate's 7 ~Autumn Selection~
09/10/18 Special Solo live vol. 4 ~Autumn Selection~ at Flamingo the Arusha

09/10/10 Monthly Diver November issue #341

Some time ago (last week, maybe...) someone wrote on her/his blog that s/he saw Yossi doing diving. That person wasn’t 100% sure that the diver was Yossi but looks like s/he was right x)

Tokoro-san no Megaten


Special Live

From the band members' blogs:

LOVE the outfit!!!!
Very sexy and Yossi-like <3
And I have always wanted to see how the band looks like xD

Since Yossi finally sang some songs I have wanted Her to sing (Hand Made CITY, Koi ING), I have been thinking that maybe someday She will sing other songs from my "hope list" too xD
- Kotatsu no Uta
- Indigo Blue Love (would love if Yossi sang this with Miki and Aya :drool:)
- Shall we Love
- Maki's songs (etc. Daite yo! PLEASE GO ON, Uwasa no SEXY GUY)
- Miki's songs (Namida Girl)
- Ayu's songs (anything would be good xD)
Yeah, my list is pretty long LOL

Special Live fanreports

According to fans who attended Yossy's special live,

Yossy has a gold & black with a white stripe jacket, a pairs of jean and a gold hat.

At the beginning of the live (9/20) Yossy said it was hot, then fans yelled out she can take the jecket off. Yossy replied that she will take off (her clothes) one by one. Everyone was extremely excited. :lolz:

Later, Yossy removed her jacket, it was a yellow (or bright green) T under the jacket, and she has cut some horizontal lines on the back side of that T. That means fans can peek her back through those cuts :sweat:

The end, Yossy changed to her own designed T. Again, the back side was cut by herself and the neck line too.

During MML, Yossy (on 9/20) picked a guy to say those lines, normally she picks a female to play Makoto's role.

Basically, Yossy really enjoys to interact with her audiences.

First day the male/female ratio was about 50/50, the second day is about 60/40 to 70/30. Yossy's designed T (size S & M) sold out quickly on the first day at the beginning of the sale. The rest of T sold out totally at the beginning of the afternoon live on 9/21.

Both days h&A stores nearby had some promotions, so hANGRY & ANGRY Mascots were walking around in that area

Gaaaaaaaaah!!!! Sounds HOT!!!! :drool:
Want some video footage... DVD.... Or even DohhhUP would be fine too...

I loooooove how during Shabondama fans are again singing "aisuru hito wa HITOMI dake" xD
Loved the setlist again <3

Credit to meggy~!!


090920 K-1 Kaimakusen Chokuzen Tokushuu

Oh, the legs. So smoooooooooooooth :drool:

I'm assuming She was either coming from or going to Mitsubishi Summer Festival since She's wearing exactly the same clothes. Even Her hair seems to be styled the same way as in the event.
Must have been hectic schedule if She didn't have time to change Her outfit.

09/09/20 Special Solo Live

2. Shabondama
3. Kanashimi Twilight
4. Nando Demo (Dreams Come True)
5. Yozora no Mukou (SMAP)
6. Yuki no Hana (Mika Nakashima)
7. Hand made CITY
8. Aisha Loan de
9. Mr. Moonlight
10. Inspiration
11. Love & Peace! HERO ga Yattekita

13. Koi ING
14. Kokoni Iruzee!

OMG, YUKI NO HANA!!!!!!!!!!
HAND MADE CITY!!!!! (I have been wanting to hear Yossi sing this)
KOI ING!!!!!! Just like "Nanni mo Iwazu ni I LOVE YOU" I have been wanting to hear ONLY Yossi sing this <3

Oh, and notice this live is longer than before. She has sung 9-10 songs in Her previous lives <3


09/09/19 Chakushin Onrei! Ketai Ogiri

Can I have that pen? <3 Or can I BE that pen? Did She cut Her hair or is it just the style that makes it look shorter <3 Yossi has pretty busy weekend. This was live show. Tomorrow She has Her Special Live and (if She will appear, and the show is live) She will also be on TV. And on Monday She will have two lives.

And what makes Her weekend ever more busier: She seemed to have the recording of "Take me out" today


Vividly #33



Sadistic Dance + Live Goods

From e-hon:
"08年10月、音楽SNSサイト“Myspace”にてスタート4日間で10万アクセスを達成し、インターネット上で注目されたモーニング娘。の第4期メンバー:石川梨華(05年5月に同グループ卒業)と吉澤ひとみ(07年5月に同グループ卒業)からなる音楽ユニット:HANGRY&ANGRYのメジャー・デビュー・アルバム。「Mr.Monkey」、「Top Secret」他収録。DVD付。"

This means there will be a DVD?!!!


Yossi's Special Live goods:
I want that T-shirt.... And that plectrum...

09/09/17 Tokyo Friends Park II


Some thoughts:
- Yossi's awesome. We already knew that xD Especially Her wall jumping = rock!
- Yuko's wall jumping LOL
- Tsuji's cute ^_^ I kind a missed her. I hope she will appear on TV more with Yossi
- Risa's VERY annoing. Even more annoing than I remembered.
- JunJun is pretty. I think she's the pretties in MM right now. And the most interesting one too. If I would still be interested in MM, she would probably be my favorite.
- Takahashi is still boring, Koharu annoing, Eri cute but very shy.
- I want Yossi to appear more in this kind of programs <3


Updating TV-shows

"09/09/14 Bowling Koshien" was rebroadcast, as I thought.

09/09/17 Tokyo Friends Park II TBS 19:50-20:54
09/09/19 Chakushin Onrei! Ketai Ogiri NHK 24:00-24:45
09/09/20 K-1 World GP2009 Jizen Bangumi Fuji TV 25:00-26:00 *new*
09/09/29 Take Me Out TBS 22:00-23:18 *new*
09/10/11 Drive A GO GO! Tv Tokyo 18:00-18:30

This has been a pretty good Yossi week ^^
If only someone would upload Shibuya Deep A..... -_____-



Totally random xD

On JapanFiles website:
Link to the HelloStoreUSA has this pic

And the link to Sacura con '09:

Well, for the first time JapanFiles does something right xD
Altough Yossi's not part of H!P anymore.


09/09/14 Leader's How to Book

Prettyprettyprettyprettypretty <3

09/09/14 TFP II filming



MM - Do not care
Yuko - Looking good~
Mari - Looks like Mari xD Not like it would be a bad thing, though
Nono - Looks like a mom O___o Good looking mom xD
Yossi - <3 Weird pants, though xD Not the first time I think so xD But She still manage to look good in it <3



Why I really like this pic?

Everyone else are like "smile, peace!!!"
But Yossi, oh god She's like "Come with me, Imma show you something you've never seen before"

And yes Koda's Taboo is very good xD


TV Appearances

09/09/14 Piramekiino TV Tokyo 18:30-19:00
09/09/14 Leader’s How to Book TV Asahi 24:45-25:15
09/09/14 Bowling Koshien Fuji TV 26:40-27:35
09/09/17 Tokyo Friends Park II TBS 19:50-20:54 *new*
09/09/19 Chakushin Onrei! Ketai Ogiri NHK 24:00-24:45
09/10/11 Drive A GO GO! Tv Tokyo 18:00-18:30 *new*


09/09/11 Shibuya Deep A

"Look at me just you I love" xD
Well, I'm definitely looking at You <3

Not really liking the hair, thought....


Filming some TV-show

Someone saw Yossi filming some TV-show today.
And that person was so kind that s/he posted pic about it on her/his blog <3

The show seems to be "Drive A GO GO!" airing October 11th (TV Tokyo)

Sadistic Dance tracklist

Neowing has posted the tracklist for the album:
1. Mr.Monkey
2. Top Secret
3. Sadistic Dance
4. Lady Madonna
5. Doubt
6. Angelia (crash berlin version)
7. Shake Me
8. Kiss me , Kiss me (crash berlin version)
9. GIZA GIZA (crash berlin version)
10. The☆Peace! (h&A Death Tracks)

Dunno if I believe that.... I want "No Future" :sad:
And I know I'm the only one who's not super hyper happy about The Peace xD
I would have preferred a new song...


New profile pic 2

Yossi's M-line pic has been also updated:

God, I love this style!!!!!!

And random note: I booked the hotel and ordered the tickets to the Expo today!!!!


h&A in Paris

It has been confirmed:
hANGRY&ANGRY will perform in Paris on Chibi Japan Expo (30 Oct - 1 Nov)

WANT TO GO!!!!!!!

New profile pic

FINALLY!!!! She had the last one over 2 years...

Love it!!!!
Hopefully there will also UFA pics <3


Leader's How to Book -preview-


And Yossi will be filming Tokyo Friends Park 2 on September 14th.
Yuko, Yaguchi and Tsuji will be there too <3


h&A in Paris??

hANGRY&ANGRY will perform in Paris in November????
Definitely going if that's true!!!!
Hopefully my job won't stop me going....

09/09/05 Yasaibatake de Gal Kakumei

Yossi+Tsuji <3


09/09/01-03 Iketaku

The show wasn't that good, but She was beautiful <3

TV Appearances

09/09/03 Iketaku Fuji TV 24:35-24:45
09/09/05 Yasaibatake de Gal Kakumei TBS 14:00-14:54
09/09/07 Piramekiino TV Tokyo 18:30-19:00 *new*
09/09/11 Shibuya Deep A NHK 23:00-24:00 *new*
09/09/14 Piramekiino TV Tokyo 18:30-19:00 *new*
09/09/14 Leader’s How to Book TV Asahi 24:45-25:15 *new*
09/09/14 Bowling Koshien Fuji TV 26:40-27:35 *new* *
09/09/19 Chakushin Onrei! Ketai Ogiri NHK 24:00-24:45

*I have a feeling that this might be re-broadcast

Yasaibatake de Gal Kakumei