~*~RIP H!P~*~

It was fun as long as it lasted.
Now there isn't anything that would make me to be deebly interested in H!P.


Yossi's last TV show as H!P member:
Karaoke BEST100

I love Her face when She realizes She got Makenaide xD
She looks so relieved.
I could watch this clip forever <3
Congratulations, Yossi!!!

But now I really want to hear Her to sing Yuki no Hana xD

Just realized how awesome it really is that Yossi got to sing Makenaide:
She kind a started Her H!P career with that song and now She was able to end Her H!P career with the same song <3


This warm feeling in my heart

I always have this warm feeling in my heart when I see those two together <3


Tokyo Alice II

Finally something!!!
Tokyo Alice promotion on DohhhUP

I want to go to seeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Okay, I want that someone tells what they are saying about their characters xD


It has started

So, Miki's getting married...
Who's next?

The graduation won't change anything.
My @ss!

I know few narrow-minded ishiyoshi fans who are now celebrating.

But I don't care.
Because Yomiki is still and will forever be my number one <3
Even if both of them get married.


OnGatas Concert Tour '08 IV

Ongaku Gatas concert tour 2008 winter ~Come Together~
1. Come Together: I like those costumes, Yossi hot. The perf is nice, but not amazing
2. Seishun no Custard: Yossi sounds so good.
3. Aisaretai, Aisaretai: Oh god, HAWT!!! One of the high lights in this concert
4. HOW DO YOU LIKE JAPAN?: Great, great, great!!! Might be even better than in Morning Curry concert
5. Chikyuu to Tsuki Kare to Watashi: Okay... I tried to watch this, only because of Sengoku and Sawada... Watched half of it and then skipped.
6. Amai Yuuwaku: Satoda’s English xD
7. Kanashimi Twilight: OMGAAAAH!!! This is how this song should be performed: Yossi without current MM. Yossi rocks it :rock: And Sawada and Sengoku were good too.
8. Iroppoi Onna ~Sexy Baby~: Skip, don’t really like these two
9. Ooki ni. Machibata Kara: Ah, Yossi fangirls xD Great perf. Mai reminds me one of URBZ xD I was also happy that Kore was one of the main singers ^_^
10. Kiss Shiyou: Again skip
11. Koi Uranai Toori ni wa Naranai wa: Like this more without Manoeri xD
12. Kara Genki: Cool Yossi *___*
13. Dakishimete Namida: Good perf. Better outfits than last time xD
14. Senpai ~Love Again~: I was surprised I watched this xD Sounded OK
15. Nature is Good: I prefer Yossi+Reina ver.... Although I don’t like Reina either.
16. Roman ~My Dear Boy: Yossi’s opening line kills me every time. I’m pretty sure Mai is slow chancing clothes and that’s why she’s not there xD
17. Saa, Sassoku Moriagete Ikou ka~!!: Aaaa, me likes
18. Osaki ni Sunzurei: I didn’t like this when I first heard it . Stupid me. This is a good song, especially performed live
19. Yattarouze!: Yattarouze :rock: Do I have to say more.

20. Narihajimeta Koi no Bell: Don’t like the skirts... Other than that pretty good perf
21. DREAMIN': Same as Osaki ni Sunzurei

- GREAT concert, I liked it a lot and I know I will watch this many times
- High lights: Aisaretai Aisaretai, How Do You Like Japan, Kanashimi Twilight, Saa Sassoku Moriagete Ikou ka~!!
- I loooooooooooooooove how Yossi keeps interacting with the audience
-Still keep disliking Rika... She also looked bored sometimes...
- Sawada and Sengoku made me like them even more, And Korenaga has some nice abs
- Also, what the hell is up there Yossi? xD Sayumi? If I remember correct Sayumi was watching this concert with some other MM members.
- Yossi’s hot and so damn cool
- I would have wanted YossiSato MC to be the one where Yossi talks about how She was mistaken to be Hamasaki Ayumi... Oh well, YAM :heart:
- The only outfit I didn't like was the skirt in encore... I hoped Yossi would have got rid of it :fear:

Elder Club Concert VII



Concert PB

Some "previews" from H!P concert PB:

And my favorite <3


Miki's fetish

"Miki has a body odor fetish."
Well, why wouldn't she have?
Yossi seems to smell amazing xD

Also, we know Yossi likes to smell things too <3


*drool* *faint* *die*

How can She be more and more hotter every day *________*
I want bigger pic!!!
I want this on my wall!!!!!

*dies again*



Yossi sent flowers to newly opened GLAD NEWS store

That's nice of Her ^_^
Now, damn, make Her GLAD NEWS' model or something xDDDD


"Gomen-ne, Yocchan-san"

Miki's drawing off Yossi:

This might be drawn when Miki still had her own radio show.
"Yocchan-san <3 Gomen-ne."

Did she apologize her drawing...? Or something she had done/will do...?

Anyway, I think the drawing is pretty cute <3
I somehow can picture Yossi with that kind of hairstyle and hat xD
Maybe She appears like that in Her private live <3

And Yocchan-san sounds sooooooo cuuuuuute <3
I remember how Yossi has called Miki "Mikichan-san" too <3

Elder Club Concert VI

Never Forget has been send at DohhhUP


That was so beautiful and sad T__T

Never forget you, MM OG and Elder Club!


SOFFet feat.Yossi

Yossi sang Sukinatsu with SOFFet in Wao~n Live.

Gaaaaaah!!! It's sounds so good <3
I so would have wanted to see it T___T
Hopefully it will be shown atleast on Wao~n...


Wao~n Live

The stage


Don't remember if I said this already, but seems like Wao~n is ending...
I didn't always like the episodes, but it's still sad... At least I knew that I would be able to see Yossi every week... And lately I have grown to really like the interaction between Yossi and Total Tenboss...

Ah, cute Yossi~ <3

How was it again?

"I prefer her long hair" "I like her short boyish hair"
Or whatever xD

I knooooooooooooooooow! I'm a bad person xD
But I couldn't help myself xDD


And remember: I don't hate ishiyoshi. I like them, really <3


Come Together concert screencaps

I already know that this concert will be dangerous to me xD


090307 Haroten Party 2 (Osaka)

Members: Yoshizawa, Michishige, Mitsui, Okada, Ishikawa, Suzuki, Umeda


Osaka Koi no Uta

Ai Araba It’s alright
Ookina Ai de Motenashite

Hello to you

I only like Yossi's singing voice... Everyone else are just meeeh or horrible to me...
Mitsui took Yossi's beginning line in Osaka Koi no Uta... -__-


Appearances VII

09/03/08 No. 22 JAL Girl Throne Jump-off Competition ‘09 Yomiuri TV 16:00-17:00
09/03/14 Sekai Fushigi Hakken! TBS 21:00-21:54
09/03/14 Oi, Nippon BS2 13:00-16:00
09/03/16 Million Kazoku TV Tokyo 19:00-21:00*
09/04/11 Trim Cup 2009 Kochi Broadcasting 14:30-15:55

*Source is helloproject.com and you know how unreliable it is sometimes...

Yossi will also be in Haroten Party 2 event tomorrow (09/03/07).


Makoto's blog 090303

S*it... Why H!O stopped translating Makoto's blog...

Anyway, apparently Yossi invited Makoto to eat (at Her place I assume).