Dream MM tour ends

Today was a last day of DMM tour.

- Before the concert (noon/day) Yossy, Yuko, Makoto, Abe and Yaguchi were "collecting" charity donations
- Yossy had a MC with Yaguchi. They were talking about sports, and Yossy talked about golf. She even showed some moves xD
- In MC of 1st/2nd gen they very talking about how they handle the stress (Good food or shopping) Yuko's answer was good sake/wine. Eventhough that wasn't one of the options. She then yell that Yossy would understand xD When Yaguchi was asked the same, she also said that drinking with Yossy.
(I love these drinking stories xD There has been a guite many of those. And looks like there are always Yossy, Yuko, Yaguchi, Kei and Iida (and Abe) xD They should make their own unit dammit xD)
- Yossy's limited photoset was sold out.
- During last MC Yossy looked like She was about to cry.
(Please let these girls have tours... They LOVE it. This is pretty much why they entered to that world. They want to dance, sing and entertain their fans.)


Yoshizawa + Ishikawa NIGHT DVD

I'm assuming these are from the FC DVD
Yossy so beautiful!!!!

11/05/28 Ai wa Katsu project with Rakuten Eagles


Yossy @~01:00



Random Yossy updates

During DMM concert in Hiroshima 4th-7th gens were talking about managers of idol and entertainer. I think the question was which one they would like to rather be.
Yossy and Koharu chose "idol". Miki and Makoto chose "entertainer".
Most important part was that Yossy said She would like to be Miki's manager xD

Rika didn't attent the concert. Yossy was talking about how today was 11th anniversary of 4th gens first live concert. She also did Rika's "happy~~" pose. She also wore Rika's ribbon during the encore (since Rika asked Her to do so) and did Rika's "anata no..." line.

After the concert Yossy was seen in some store.
So it's was assumed She stayed in Hiroshima.

Someone saw Yossy taking a taxi.
Dunno if it was in Tokyo or still in Hiroshima.

Today Yossy was spotted in H&M in Shinjuku.
She wasn't wearing any make up <3

I know this is not a big deal, but I love to read "stories" about how someone saw Yossy during Her "private time". It gives me hope that I can run into Yossy too when I go to Japan again xD

In DMM DVD Magazine Yossy wrote "Yume poem" (just like everyone else).
She wrote about marrying a rich person, having a kid and family. And I also think that She wrote about being a good grandmom <3

I never thought that the money was big deal to Yossy xD
But then again, She did say once that a man needs to have a job and career, before She could even think about dating him. (Or her xD)
I don't remember exactly how it went, but something like that.


11/05/21 Yossy Navi #17

The first pic *___________*


Gatas DVD - Screencaps

A few screencaps from the DVD
Gatas <3


Tokyo Disney Resort MY MAP etc.

Yossy went to film Disney show today~
Yossy with Disney is more than awesome!!!!
Can't wait to see this <3


Some backstage pics from DMM tour
Yossy <3

Damn I would love to go to see DMM concert....
Maybe I should try to go on autumn...
Someone at 2ch posted that the autumn tour will be 9/24 - 12/11
09/24 Chiba, Ichikawa-shi
10/02 Tokyo, Nakano sun plaza
10/08 Fukuoka
10/10 Kagawa, Takamatsu-shi
10/16 Tokyo, Nakano sun plaza
10/22 Okayama
11/05 Hokkaido, Sapporo-shi
11/13 Tochigi, Utsunomiya-shi
11/19 Aichi, Nagoya-shi
12/03 Niigata
12/11 Osaka

Tokyo and Osaka are the days when I could try to go... If I can get some holiday.
But if Yossy has Dinner show in autumn too, I rather try to go there xD
DMM is great but Yossy >>>> DMM xD


Since I'm here I could update Yossy's TV appearences too.
I thought I already did it, but looks like I just didn't O__o

11/05/23 Home Rarete Nobi Rukun A Fuji TV 24:45-25:10
11/05/23 Premiere no Soukutsu Fuji TV 26:05-26:30
11/05/24 Gyouten Quiz! Sekai no Chin Rule SHOW TV Tokyo 19:54-20:54
11/05/30 Home Rarete Nobi Rukun A Fuji TV 24:45-25:10

Unknown airdate:
Tokyo Disney Resort MY MAP


11/05/10 Diver


Yossy in Diver = <3
That little kid is sooooo lucky xD

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Dream YoMiki @I Wish

How. Did. I. Miss. This. Before?????????
Thanks god I wathed the video again xD

Here comes Miki

"Oh, hi"

Kiss xD

*in their own world*

Miki = happy

I love this xD
Miki: *sings her line*
Yossy: *dances*
Miki comes to Yossy.
Miki: *happy*
Miki: *goes back to her place and sings her line*
Yossy: *dances*

Aaaaaaaaaand same as a gif~

DMM tour - outfits 3

Since I'm bored and trying to avoid doing things I should be doing...
I collected all the outfits from the tour. And based on the news clips, fanreports and the dance moves in the pics, I guessed which outfit was wore in which performance.

So here we go:

1 Love Machine
There's so many news clips from this one so this was easy xD

2 Daite HOLD ON ME => Koibito no...
News clips.

3 Joshi Kashimashi... => Summer Night Down
Again news clips and Yossy's face just screams Joshi Kashimashi... in one of the pics xD

4 Shabondama
Some fanreports said that Yossy throw the hat off (in very cool way) during Shabondama

5 Iroppoi Jirettai => Atto Odoroku... => HSW => Koi no Dance side
This guess is pretty much based of the Iroppoi Jirettai and Koi no Dance Side dance moves. And now when I'm looking the pics more closely, there's also HSW dance moves xD

6 Roman => medley
Because nothing else matches to this part. And because I knew Roman would get the worst outfit... Also it's easy to hide the next outfit under this one.

7 Souda => Peace => Renai Revolution 21
News clips again. I'm hoping Yossy wore this during the medley too...

8 Encore
News clips, dance moves.

Pretty Yossy in pretty.
Me wants the DVD already xD