09/08/31 Piramekiino & Iketaku

09/08/31 Piramekiino

09/08/31 Iketaku

Hangry&Angry Album

Sadistic Dance (temporary title)
Release date 09/11/11

According to Neowing it will have 10 songs.
"Sadistic Dance"
"Shake Me"
"Lady Madonna"
"No Future"
"Kill Me Kiss Me"

I hoped more new songs, not those which already were on minialbum...
But more hANGRY/Yossi = ALWAYS awesome!!!!!!!!!!


09/08/30 Tabi no Kaori

I think I like Yossi's outfit. Why? Because it's see-through xDD I can see that She's wearing red top and black bras xD
OMG, bad me, bad xD
I'm sorry but I kind a wish Rika won't appear on TV with Yossi very often... 'Cos I don't want my hate towards her to grow...


Gatas' training

New video on DohhhUP

I seriously miss seeing Yossi playing futsal...
I love Her hair <3
And WTF Yossi @2:05 xD

09/08/28 Mitsubishi Summer Festival

She was wearing shorts and poncho <3
The MC seems to have praised Yossi's legs xD
Who wouldn't :drool:
Songs She sang:
1. Love Machine
2. Amairo no kami no otome
3. Ai Araba It's Allright


09/08/25 Talk + Live

From today's motorboat race

Not sure, but apparently She sang "Love Machine" and "Ai Araba" again.


Tabi no Kaori

09/08/30 Tabi no Kaori TV Asahi 18:30-19:57

I really really hope Yossi will bath with Yuko :drool:
Altought I really really doubt it.


To my grandpa

RIP August 19th

Flying through timeless skies
You’re a shooting star
You can do what you want

No more nightmares
No more sighs and tears
See you in my dreams <3

I love you and I will always miss you <3



Time to do some updating:

First the TV-shows She didn't appear in:
09/08/17 Iketaku Fuji TV 00:35-00:45
09/08/18 Iketaku Fuji TV 00:35-00:45
09/08/19 Iketaku Fuji TV 00:35-00:45
09/08/20 Iketaku Fuji TV 00:35-00:45

09/08/27 Iromonea SP TBS 19:50-22:48
09/08/31 Piramekiino TV Tokyo 18:30-19:00 *1
09/98/31 Iketaku Fuji TV 24:35-24:45
09/09/01 Iketaku Fuji TV 24:35-24:45
09/09/02 Iketaku Fuji TV 24:35-24:45
09/09/03 Iketaku Fuji TV 24:35-24:45
09/09/05 Yasaibatake de Gal Kakumei TBS 18:00-
09/09/19 Chakushin Orei! Keetai Oogiri NHK 24:00-24:45

*1 Not sure if this is rebroadcast or not

09/08/23 Evening Cafe
09/08/30 Evening Cafe

09/08/25 Talk + Live (motorboat race)
09/08/28 Mitsubishi Electric summer festival
09/09/20 Dinner Show ~Autumn Selection~ "minna moriagare"
09/09/21 Dinner Show ~Autumn Selection~ "minna moriagare"
09/10/10 10th Anniversary event (with Tsuji and Rika)
09/10/11 4th solo at STB139 ~Autumn Selection~
09/10/17 Dinner Show at Gate's 7 ~Autumn Selection~
09/10/18 Dinner Show vol 4 ~Autumn Selection~ at Flamingo the Arusha *new*

I'm not sure anymore if I should call Her lives "Dinner Shows"...
It's starting to look like a "mini tour" to me xD


09/08/19 Sacas-san

Yossi made a short appearance in the show.
I think She's giving advice to girls who want to become idols (?)
Love the girls reaction when they noticed Yossi xD
And I love Yossi's reaction as well xD
Trying to be so cool but in the end not being able to help smiling <3


09/08/16 Gakusei Bowling Koshien

I love Her hair
I love Her outfits
I love Her shoulders <3
She looks so much hotter in T-shirt than any H!P member looks in bikini <3
But that's only my biased opinion <3

She was suporter and special guest so She didn't really do any bowling.
She only threw the ball once, and actually did better than those guys xD


09/08/16 Sunday Big Variety

Yossi's looking so damn pretty in yukata <3


H!P Concert PB

I posted small pics from this H!P concert PB here.
And now I "found" some more

Such a tiny pics...
Want bigger >______<
Why this isn't uploaded...
Ah, Yossi+Kaori <3
Yossi+Yui <3
And YoSato <3


So serious

OMFG how seriously some people take things!!!!!
So what if OG is going to perform on Music Station with MM!!!
I personally don't see anything bad about it.
MM needs OG's help!!!!
How many times they have been promotin MM's new single on their blogs?
How many times Yossi has been promotin MM's single after Her graduation?
Let me tell you, MANY TIMES!!!!!
I would prefer if OG wouldn't help MM. Then we would see how bad MM is promoting themselves!!

About the Music Station:
Maybe the staff wanted OG in.
Maybe it will again help MM. Maybe someone who knows and loved (or still loves) OG will think to take a look on current MM, because of this.
Maybe they will get more fans.
You wanted MM in Music Station. Now they are in, so shut up!!!!!!!!

There would not be current MM without OG...

And last:
OG >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MM


New regular TV-show?

Looks like there will be a new TV-show with Yossi, Nono and Fujita Shiho.
Not sure if Yossi will be regular in this show or not.
It can also be only just a special.

Show is called "Yasaibatake de Gal Kakumei" (=Vegetable Gal Revolution).
The show starts on TBS on Sebtember 5th.

I really hope Yossi (and Tsuji) will be regular in the show.
Just because I would looooove to see Her on TV every week again <3

Ongaku Gatas - graduation -

So, Sawada graduated from H!P and Ongaku Gatas
Also Noto graduated from H!P eggs.

I'm kind a sad about Sawa-chan's graduation...
She was one of my favorite OnGata's Eggs with Sengoku...
But since OnGatas isn't active right now (and I'm starting to believe it won't be active for a while...) this doesn't really impact me...

But on the other hand, I saw this a few days ago:

Ongaku Gatas is covering MM's Love Machine??????
I don't know what this is. I haven't seen anything about this on forums.
Is it fake? Made by some fan? Or is it true?
Don't ask me.
It just thought it would be interesting IF it was true.


Tokyo Alice DVD

I'm assuming these caps are from the DVD.
God, I WANT it!!!

09/08/10 Yarisugi Kohji

Gaaaaaaaah. This was gooooood.
Altought it was too short.


Dinner Shows

I have been planning to do this for a while.
Yossi's Dinner Show collection!

2005: with Mai
June '07: with Mai
July '07: with Ayaka
August '07: with Mai & Rika
December '07: with Ayaka
March '08: with Shibata
June '08: with Yaguchi
August '08: with Mai & Rika
Sebtember '08: Solo
December '08: with Mai & Rika
February '09: Solo
June '09: Solo
August '09: with Mai & Yaguchi

I think that's all... Please tell me if I'm missing something xD
Almost forgot! Yossi's encore outfit on June '09 Show:

I personally like most Her outfit which She wore in Her first Solo Dinner Show <3
Let's see if I can update this collection later <3

I knew it! I knew I forgot something.
Thanks meggy~!


09/08/08 Aozora Restaurant


Weird outfit... But lovely woman xD

And from Aozora side


Yarisugi Kohji CM

Looks interesting x)
And She looks soooooooo early-2006/late-2005 -Yossi <3

09/08/04 Opening Ceremony

Gakusei Bowling Koshien opening ceremony
(or something like that)

Oh god, I LOVE Her outfit!!! Shoulders!!!!!
I hope this will also be shown on TV <3