09/08/01 Summer Dinner Show


I really really love Her outfit <3
Vest + T-shirt + jeans = DROOL



09/08/01 Piramekino TV Tokyo 18:30-19:00
09/08/16 Tokaido Jitensha Ekiden TV Tokyo

Not decided airdate
xx/xx Yarisugi Kohji TV Tokyo

09/08/01 Summer Dinner Show (with Yaguchi and Satoda)
09/09/20 Dinner Show ~Autumn Selection~ *new*
09/09/21 Dinner Show ~Autumn Selection~ *new*
09/10/10 10th Anniversary event (with Tsuji and Rika)
09/10/11 4th solo STB139 ~Autumn Selection~

There seems to be also some kind of Summer festival where She will be in, but the day hasn't been decided yet.

And kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Yossi was on Mari and Mai's blogs today

Loving Her muscles :droooooool:
rehearsing for the Dinner Show <3




And to celebrate my birthday, Yossi appeared in "FNS 26hour TV HEXAGON Family SP" today xD

Hooooooooooooooooot and prettyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
Also Yuko's hair :rock:

Looks like they didn't let Miki to perform....


09/07/25 Saturday Studio Park

Looks like they are promoting Yossi's next NHK appearance
09/07/29 熱血体育会系!歌舞伎部 (Nekketsu Taiikukaikei! Kabuki bu) 10:25-10:50


09/07/24 100 Japanese who changed the world

When I first saw Her shirt on Mari's blog, I didn't like it.
But now... OMG shoulders!!!!!! <3


09/07/21 Waratte Iittemo + blog

Didn't know She was going to appear in this O_o
Pretty <3

From Yuko's blog
Kakkoii~ <3


09/07/20 Otameshika! + appearances

A few caps

So the show was about Yaguchi's challenge which she did on her blog.

I also saw a very short comment by Yossi from Necchuu Yawa. I really really really hope the show had more Her and some kind wota will upload it <3

Updating TV appearances since I haven't done it yet xD
09/07/23 Socrates no Jinji
NHK 22:00-22:45
09/07/24 100 Japanese who changed the world! Japan Allstars TV Tokyo 20:00-20:55
09/07/25 Saturday Studio Park NHK 14:00-15:00*

*Official Up-Front side


Yossi and Urahama

Remember this:
Yossi appeared in Gout Temps Nouveau (090708) with Alisa Urahama.
In the beginning Yossi noticed Alisa's ring.

It was similar with Her ring (which She finally found in Her purse xD)

On July 13rd Alisa posted a pic of the ring on her blog:

Very Yossi like, if you ask me x)

But Alisa has mentioned Yossi even before on her blog.
On June 16th she wrote (if I understood right) about drawing Yossi made apparently during the filming of Gout Temps Nouveau.

Then, on July 11th she was asked who is/was her favorite MM member.
Her answer was Yossi <3
She wrote that she liked Her 'cos She is/was cute but yet boyish (or something like that) <3

Somehow I think that many other celebrities like Yossi or have "a crush" on Her too xD
Well, I can't blame on them <3


Tokyo Alice DVD

Here's the cover


Can't wait to get my hands on this <3
Althought I know it will be complitely different watch the DVD than seeing it live xD
I can't stare Her all the time xD


Present and Trial

Yossi gave this to Mai:

If it's this one, it's pretty expensive O_____O
And Mai wrote in her blog about bubble agar which she got from Yossi's grandmom (?).
YoSato <3

Also the guest list for Trial (090720) looks goooooood:
Yaguchi, Yuko, Makoto, Tsuji, Abe, Yossi and Miki <3


Yossi + Kids = <3

Damn, Yossi with kids is the cutest thing ever <3 Everytime I see Her with kids I can't help to go awwwww~!

Caps from 09/07/11 Waiwai Hama Toori! Futaba e GO!

And from Anime Expo


I hope She gets Her own kids someday. Not now, thought... I'm just not ready to let go... Altought I'm never ready to let go of Her...



09/07/10 Necchuu Yawa ~Dance of Michael~ NHK-BS2 20:00-20:45
09/07/11 Waiwai Hama Toori! Futaba e GO! Fukushima Broadgasting 16:30-17:25
09/07/11 Yume no Hakoniwa Project BS-TBS 15:00-15:30*
09/07/20 Trial! (OtameShika!) ANB 23:15-24:10*
09/07/20 Necchuu Yawa SP ~Mourning Michael Jackson~ NHK-BS2 23:25-24:55
09/07/23 Socrates no Jinji NHK 24:00-24:45

*Source: Up-front side (so it might be that Yossi won't appear)

Socrates no Jinji preview/CM

She also was on Himitsu no Arashi-chan today.


09/07/04 Test the Body

This could have been much better show... But Yossi was pretty and I enjoyed seeing Her doing some exercise :drool:

But why it takes sooooo long for wotas to upload these resent TV-shows...


hANGRY/Yossi @ Anime Expo '09

Sooooooo coooool and hoooooooot!!!!!
And I'm sooooo jealous... T______T

Some videos @ YouTube
Yoshizawa Hitomi at Anime Expo 2009
Yossie at AX 1
Yossie at AX 2
Stalking Hangry

I still don't get it why Yossi was took to LA with MM... As far as we know, She will only have one autograph session during the AX.
Because She's more popular than MM and UF* thought that maybe hANGRY/Yossi fans could buy some MM stuff too? aka Yossi's AGAIN helping MM after Her graduation.
She wanted to have some holiday, so UF* decided to took Her to LA?
She flied first to Hawaii (with Miki ^^), and because She was already in US UF* decided to bring Her to AX? According to wotas Yossi was seen in Narita Airport last Sunday, almost week before MM flied to LA. And Yossi seems to had said that She had to go to the airport soon in Her Dinner Show.
She's going to have PB which is shooted in USA, so why not bring Her also in AX? Yeah, like that would ever happen...

I just don't get it...



More TV-shows:
09/07/11 Waiwai Hama Toori! Futaba e GO! Fukushima Broadgasting 16:30-17:25
09/07/11 Yume no Hakoniwa Project BS-TBS 15:00-15:30*
09/07/23 Socrates no Jinji NHK 24:00-24:45

*Source: Up-front side (so it might be that Yossi wont appear)