Konno's FC event DVD

Not sure, but I assume these are from Konno's FC event DVD where Yossy and Rika were guests



Miki's blog 11/04/28

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw~ <3

Miki wrote that they look kinda like a couple <3
Miki knows how to make me happy~

11/04/28 MacPeople

Yossy so cool~


Sweets marathon

Yossy will attend to Sweets Marathon in Hokkaido on July 19th.


Looks like it's not classic marathon xD
Their facebook describes it like this:
Have you heard about 'Le Marathon du M├ędoc' in France?
You gotta run not for speed but for the wine,
with Medoc wine tasting at every food and drink station.

Now you might be imagining what Sweets Marathon is
like? Yes, it's a sweet's version of the french marathon.

It is a happy marathon event which is not about
the speed at which you run.
It’s about fun, festivities, friendship and above all sweets.
Sounds fun :D

H&A @Indonesia and new album???

Ok, I'm still a little bit sceptic about the Indonesia event on July 24th...
Some how the poster and the official side look so.... Unprofessional?

But anyway. Queting daigong @jphip:
it's true!!! a wota friend, pori also confirms: http://twitter.com/poririka/status/62634614820323330

Also, I talked to Yaz (the lady who speaks at the events) and she confirms a new H&A album, World Tour is SECRET.

Album is most more interesting news xD ('cos I'm pretty sure I won't be able to go to Indonesia... It's in middle of the summer when the flight cost A LOT, and my co-workers are on holiday so I have to be at work...)


vs Arashi recording + picspam xD

From Rika's blog. The vs Arashi recorgind was today
Shit.... I'm so dissapointed that Rika will be there too... Well, this is not the first time when this happens....

And now some blog pics from yesterday's Coming Soon!~
OMG, I love Yossy xD
When everyone else has their best idol/cute face, She just has to make the wtf face and still She looks the best xD


11/04/25 Coming Soon!

They performed Renai Revolution 21
Yossy was beautiful, as always <3

From Makoto and Yaguchi's blog

DMM tour - outfits

Finally some pics~
Looks good <3
And they used fabric this time? xD
I think the black with pink is my favorite right now <3

TV update

11/04/25 Coming Soon! TBS 23:50-24:50 (DMM)
11/04/29 Happy Music Nippon TV 24:58-25:53 (DMM) *
11/04/29 Musata Fuji TV 28:05-28:20 (DMM)
11/05/05 VS Arashi Fuji TV 19:00-19:57 **
11/05/14 Chakushin Orei! Ketai Oogiri NHK xx:xx-xx:xx **

* Looks like Yossy, Yuko and Rika will only give some kind of comment
** Haven't seen official announcement yet

The rehearsal for Coming Soon! was this morning~
Wonder what they will sing. I saw a dream that they were singing Love Machine and Dekkai... xD
I pretty sure they will sing Love Machine and wear those outfits from the press conference. Although I'm hoping them to wear something else. Not that I don't like those outfits, but I would love to see something else too.


11/04/23 Yossy Navi #15

Men's shirt again?
Who cares, Yossy looks adorable in it <3

DMM tour - DVD magazine clip

Someone uploaded short clip from DVD magazine

Cute cute cute cute~

Is it too much to ask that someone would share the whole DVD magazine? T____T


Dream Morning Musume concert tour 2011 (2)

Continuing this in new post since I don't want to make the previous post too long xD
And because in this post everything will be pretty much just my opinions.

So right now I'm listening to the fanrec.
Abe and Miki seems to sing the most, but I also hear pretty good amount of Yossy <3
At least Abe and Miki can sing.

But why why oh why they gave Koharu the opening lines in Shabondama.... :(
It sounds HORRIBLE. Even Rika would have been better.

Roman is shorter then Mikan. It's not fair...

I love the way Do it! Now starts~
But the medley doesn't have enough Yossy... And looks like the longer the concert last the less there's Yossy...

Wotas seems to be pleased with the outfits.
Can't wait to see them~
Hopefully other outfits will be as good as the ones Makoto posted on her blog.
Let's hope they used fabric and not plastic this time xD

Although the concert needs more Yossy one thing is sure.
Say what you say, but this is MORNING MUSUME (most of it atleast).
Not that Takahashi feat Tanaka feat the rest.

Oh almost forgot: Yossy fangirls <3 and fanboys <3

Dream Morning Musume concert tour 2011

Yaaaaaaaaaaay, the concert has started!!!!

Haru no Mai〜Sotsugyousei DE Sai Kessei〜
01 Love Machine
02 Daite HOLD ON ME
03 Koibito no You na Kao wo Shite...
Opening VTR
04 Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari (2011 Dorimu ver)
05 Summer Night Town
06 Shabondama
MC - Yossy, Miki, Makoto, Rika, Koharu*
07 Morning Coffee (2011 Dorimu ver) - Yuko, Iida, Abe, Yaguchi, Kei
MC - Yuko, Iida, Abe, Yaguchi, Kei
08 Iroppoi Jirettai - Yossy, Miki, Makoto, Rika, Koharu**
09 Atto Odoroku Mirai ga Yattekuru!
10 Happy Summer Wedding
11 Koi no Dance Site
MC - Abe, Kei
12 Mikan (short ver) - Miki, Yuko, Iida, Rika, Koharu
13 Roman ~My Dear Boy~ (short ver) - Yossy, Abe, Yaguchi, Kei, Makoto
14 Medley: Do it! Now --> Mirai no Tobira --> Say Yeah ~Motto Miracle Night~ --> Happy Night
15 Souda! We're Alive
16 The Peace!
17 Renai Revolution 21

19 Aozora ga Itsumade mo Tsuzuku You na Mirai de Are!

*standing order Makoto-Rika-Yossy-Miki-Koharu
**Rika got Eri's opening line

No Ame no Furanai.... T_____T
The setlist looks great but kind a short...
If they gave Yossy decent amount of lines this concert will pretty much be one of the best ones~

Okay the concert is almost 2 hours long xD It just looks weird that there less than 20 songs...
I'm happy there's lot of upbeat songs~
I wonder if they will make changes in the evening setlist... Like replace Morning Coffee with Sexy boy and Iroppoi Jirettai with Ame no Furanai...

Now I'm waiting for some information about Yossy's outfits xD


No changes in evening concert. Only some MCs had different members.
Yossy and Makoto had MC after Koi no Dance Site.


From Makoto's blog
The outfit looks also promising <3

Reading the comment about the concert it looks like we are back to the featuring order like old times... Which means Yossy would be again pushed back -____-

11/04/22 Musata

Omg, Yossy's awesome xD
Did She say that Her charm point is pelvis? xD
Yes, I like your whole body very much~
Or was She talking about generally girls' sellpoint? xD

Damn, I want to know what Yossy's talking about xD


Yossy @ Ayu's concert

As I already wrote, Yossy was in Ayu's concert and you can see Her in the DVD.
The pics that was posted were during Boys & Girls perf. Ayu was introducing the band members. You can see Yossy yelling Yoshio's name with everyone else.
(Yoshio is the guitarist and he is always introduced like this, if you didn't know xD)
You can see it in this video @5:10-5:12

BUT that's not the only time you can spot Yossy in the audience xD
I have been watching the concert (which is awesome btw) in YouTube since my DVD isn't arrived yet. And because the quality is horrible the screencaps are really crappy too. I'm sorry about that...

During SURREAL~evolution~SURREAL Yossy's dancing with the audience on the "Ou jeah" part xD
Lucky people... Being able to dance with Yossy AND Ayu....
Yossy sure is having a great time~

And in Seven Days War:
Yossy got a yellow balloon xD
Damn, She had pretty good seat too.

She might be shown more too, but the quality on these videos is so bad that it's hard to try to find Her.

I still think this is soooo awesome xD
Don't know why but I'm really happy Yossy went to the concert :D

DMM tour goods

Goods for DMM tour:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Yay, DVD magazine!!!
Yossy's so pretty T_____T
I sooooo would like to get everything that has Yossy's face in it.


Yossy to appear in PV

Yossy's going to be in PV of some Egg.

The single will be released in June.

11/04/21 Hakane no Onna

Season 2 (2 hours SP)
Can't wait to see this~


Rock'n'Roll Circus Tour + DMM rehearsal

Yossy went to see Ayu's Rock'n'Roll Circus concert last year!! Aaaaaaand you can see Her in the DVD!!!
I wanna go to fangirl Ayu with Yossy~!!!
Although it would kill me, but at least I would die happy <3


Miki posted this on her blog