10/10/31 Dare datte Haran Bakushou


OMG, this show was awesome~ xD
Yossy + Mai + Saitama = yay!
Yossy was so cool in the VTR and so pretty in the studio <3

She really loves ponchos xD
And some of them are quite expencive...
But yay, GLAD NEWS~
Did you noticed that "Glad News" is mentioned in credits of Yossy Navi too? xD


All Star Utauma + Piramekiino preview + more events

10/10/29 All Star Utauma

Yossy's Single Bed was better than the other singer...
If you ask me the other singer won just because she has big boobs...


Piramekiino preview
Kakkoiiiiiiiiii <3


10/10/31 Digista Teens - Public collecting *new*
10/11/07 Suruga Bank Cup (Gatas Brilhantes)
10/11/11 World Cup JAPAN! Kick off Ceremony
10/11/23 10th Anniversary dai Kansha Matsuri in Taito-kan *new*
10/11/28 Kawaguchiko Daily publication Sports Marathon
10/12/07 Konno Asami FC event
11/02/27 Tokyo Marathon 2011

10th Anniversary:
Yossy's making candles? xD
"吉澤ひとみ キャンドルメイキングパフォーマンス
Berryz工房のぬいぐるみ衣装グッズなどを手がけた『Real Rock』と吉澤ひとみがコラボします!!キャンドル作りに挑戦!"


TV update

10/10/29 All-stars Utauma Fuji TV 19:00-23:00
10/10/31 Dare datte Haran Bakushou Nippon TV 09:30-10:25
10/11/05 Piramekiino TV Tokyo 18:30-20:00
10/11/06 2010 Japan Cup Cycle Road Race BS Japan 21:00-22:25
10/11/08 Mezamashi Fuji TV 05:25-08:00 *new*
10/11/09 Mezamashi Fuji TV 05:25-08:00 *new*
10/11/09 Nakai Masahiro no Sekai wa Sugee! Fuji TV 19:00-20:54
10/11/10 Kurabaru Traveler TBS 21:00-22:48 *new*

So we won't see Yossy and the whale shark together?
Yossy said that this part was edited out from the show in "Yoshizawa NIGHT".
(Thanks Cazza @HH for translating)

Bonus pics because Yossy is so damn cute~
10/10/27 Digista Teens
The person who decided that Yossy would wear different school uniforms should get a medal~


Yossy's blog 10/10/27

Cool and beautiful <3

10/10/27 Ishikawa NIGHT

The even seemed to be something like this:
- Survey for Ishikawa Rika
- Song: Cherry
- Mini soccer match
- Punishment game for Yossy since she lost
- There are good parts of songs (?)
- Respond to survey the audiences did
- During this time, Yoshizawa's punishment costume = MOZUKUMAN!
- Song: Happy Summer Wedding

Random notes and Yossy mentioning Miki (<3)
"Y: Rika-chan is really thickheaded When Mikitty and Kaorin are in the middle of a battle and the dressing room has an awkward atmosphere, she still says things like "HAIII~~~""

"People said Yossy organised her event better than Rika and if they ever did this again, the staff should let Yossy handle it. There are people saying how the content in Yossy's was more interactive and interesting so it made the event more enjoyable."

"They also said Yossy seemed distracted for most of their MCs, even when talking to Rika cos she wouldn't look at Rika properly, and instead look somewhere behind or around her."

Translation credits to tackey and liLcazza @HH

Assuming this is from the after party xD


Recording Yossy navi

OMG, I LOVE Yossy's outfit!!!!!!! <3


10/10/25 Yoshizawa NIGHT

Yossy's so damn pretty~
Just seeing Her makes my day better after no-so-fun day at work <3

If these are official goods I want them xD

The event was something like this:
- Greetings
- Question corner
- Games
- Mini live:
Choreography lecture for My Purin
Aisu Kuriimu to My Purin (with bunny ears)
Baby Koi ni KNOCK OUT (ベベ恋 ?)
The Peace
- Greetings
- Handshake

Sekai wa Sugee preview

From today's Mezamashi:
Nakai Masahiro no Sekai wa Sugee
Love the way She wears the hat <3
And Yossy seems to really like ponchos xD


10/10/24 Yossy Navi #2


Looks like there's a new episode every other week...

Dare datte Haran Bakushou preview



10/10/23 Japan Cycle Road Race


And I just have to post this because this is so awesome and so random tweet xD
The racers muscles are worked out now! Fantastic! Beautifull!! Those lines* are incredible! Kakkoii~~~~ The one tweeting is Yoshizawa Hitomi.
*She means body lines/curves
Big thanks to The Awesome Cazza @HH for the translation

I love Yossy~ xD

Saitama Country News + Saitama magazine

10/10/23 Saitama Country News
About Saitama Cycling Festival (10/10/17)
So pretty~~~
I could stare this face forever <3


10/10/15 Mappuru Saitama

Credit: meggy @HH

I still hate you, btw.
But since you seem to be so stupid, I added some credit to the pic.

So why I don't post these myself at jphip and H!O?
Because I still think that they don't deserve these. If you love Yossy and want to see the latest scans etc about Her you'll find your way to places where you can see them.


So after all even though I say, you just can't give any credit????
Now I'm seriously thinking to stop posting some scans in here....
Or should I just edit those scans even more...? Write "HitomiHeaven" in Yossy's face?

Damn, this is hard.... On other hand I want to stop this and slap your face. But then again I want to post those, since it's Yossy and I want to give something back to those people who give soooooo much Yossy info/stuff to me...... And for those how do now how to give CREDIT!!!!

To change the topic:
"OMG yossy has a twitter?! how the hell could i not know this"
Finally after WEEKS they finally found out xDDDDDDD

Yes, I'm mean.


Schedule update

10/10/23 Coutry News 09:00-09:30
10/10/29 All-stars Utauma Fuji TV 19:00-23:00
10/10/31 Dare datte Haran Bakushou Nippon TV 09:30-10:25
10/11/05 Piramekiino G TV Tokyo 18:30-20:00
10/11/06 2010 Japan Cup Cycle Road Race BS Japan 21:00-22:25

Undecided airdates:
Karaoke and Sea location?
Mezamashi (Whale shark)

10/10/23 Japan Cycle Road Race (Girl talk)
10/10/25 FC event Yoshizawa NIGHT
10/10/27 FC event Ishikawa NIGHT
10/11/07 Suruga Bank Cup (Gatas Brilhantes)
10/11/11 World Cup JAPAN! Kick off Ceremony
10/11/28 Kawaguchiko Daily publication Sports Marathon
10/12/07 Konno Asami FC event
11/02/27 Tokyo Marathon 2011

10/10/23 Body plus
11/01/10 Diver magazine

10/10/20 Funride + Twitter

Pretty pretty pretty Yossy <3

Thanks to meggy @HH

Oh yeah, and if you post these elsewhere you WILL credit.


Twitter post:
Kyaaaaaa <3 <3 <3


Goods for Yossy and Rika's FC event

Yossy looks amazing~~
She always does, but what ever xD

Also Yossy's special live goods are now on sale too


Yossy's blog 10/10/20

Exercising after Joglis+
(That means the pic is from yesterday)

So next time I go to Japan/Tokyo I should stalk Her in Tokyo Imperial Palace? xD


Mapple Saitama


Hopefully someone will scan this magazine later...


10/10/17 Saitama Cycling Festival

According to people who attended the event:
Yossy + kids = <3
Today's manager: Numabe ("Australia guy") xD


Twitter 10/10/16

Let's enjoy running~

Yay, more pics~
But I would love to see your face too, Yossy xD



Yay Yossy tweeted Herself~
Reading fanletters <3


The men around Yossy

aka "Yossy's managers (?) post" xD

First there was this guy
The guy you could see with Yossy many many many times. You can see him even in some episodes of Wao~n.

But then this first guy disappeared.

Now looks like this guy (who scared Cazza in Australia xD) has been seen often with Yossy
Okay I was lazy but I think there's more photos where you can see him.
This guy looks very sporty. So is he Yossy's manager or coach? Or both xD

And lately there has been this new guy too.
Dunno why, but somehow I think this guy uses the Staff twitter the most xD

And there's also of course the bald guy. He seems to have something to do with Hangry&Angry since everytime Hangry&Angry goes somewhere he's there too.
I got so excited when I saw him at Tavastia (Helsinki) xD I knew Yossy would be near also xD

See, Yossy's so great that She needs more than one "manager" to work with Her xD

And because I'm so obsessed about Yossy, I would like to know more about these guys too xD

Finally I wrote about this. I have been thinking doing this post for sooooooooo long.
One day I'm gonna write about another subject that I have been thinking:
Yoppai xD


Yossy's blog 10/10/12

That pin is sooooooooooooooo cute xD


10/10/10 Yoshizawa Hitomi no Trend + Yossy Navigator


I have a hat like that toooooooooo~

10/10/10 Radio Kansai Festival

OMG cute xD

Do I see a bottle of tea which I didn't like on the background xD