As you might see, I took some break from blogging.... Actually longer than I first thought O__O
I was thinking why am I doing this? For who? Does anyone even come to read this?
Ok, I admit. I have been busy, on holiday, sick and soooooooo tired after work (yeah, + 33C indoor does make you tired and after you get home only think you can think of is the shower and bed/sofa....)

So, sorry.

I actually started to miss updating. Still don't know if anyone is reading this, but now I want to continue updating Yossy's news ^___^

Best regards,


Rei said...

I think lots of people enjoy reading you blog. I personally do because I love Yossy.

Pucchi Berry said...

Hi! I thought I would say I always check up on this site for Yossy updates <3 This is the only place I can ever find concert rips for lives including Yossy, so I really appreciate it!! Thanks for so much hard work <3
Also I wondered, are you from England? Me too, Yossy fans of the UK unite~<3

samidare said...

HI!!!!! Thanks for the comments~

No, I'm not from England :)
I'm from Finland ^_^