14/05/11 Aisin AW Family Festival

The songs that they sang: Renai Revolution 21, Love Machine, Happy Summer Wedding, The Peace, Koi no Dance Site.

There was also a Janken, 5-years old boy won it.

Since the rehearsal, Yossy seemed to be really interested in balloon slide which was in the hall.
She wondered if there was age limit to it, 'cos She really wanted to slide it.
Apparently the MC said that it would be OK, if She wanted to do it.
(there seemed to be age limit 3-12 years. But since it was Yossy who wanted to try it, the MC gave Her permission) I hope She posts a pic in Her blog if She did it xD

 http://t4.pixhost.org/show/4195/21755771_140511_fukui01.jpg http://t4.pixhost.org/show/4195/21755772_140511_fukui02.jpg

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